Alright, so I guess if you’ve clicked this section of my blog I owe it to you to share a little bit about myself, and my blog.

I came to the conclusion to start a blog up because a good friend of mine always spoke about how she had to blog this or had to blog that. To be honest I had no idea what blogging really was, I began to do a bit of research to “educate” myself on it (Boy mum and dad would be proud! This type of educating didn’t hurt their pocket books; Or mine) and later found myself playing with the idea of starting one up. The biggest thing for me was how was I to get viewers, gain subscribers and keep a general interest to those reading it. Then it started and I’ve found myself making sure I write about something going on locally or a general interest of mine, that I share with you.


I’m a mid twenties business owner specializing in Real Estate Photography. I absolutely love what I do. I am very big on healthy living and fitness its apart of my life! Now that I’ve decided to refocus my blog and attention, there will also be video’s posted instead of all my written ramblings. Its going to be good! Please note that what I post is for me and whoever wishes to share a laugh, tear, opinion whatever! The purpose of this blog was to talk about Restaurants, the reviews of the atmosphere etc. Not to mention a couple here and there posts of random thoughts and opinions, but that is all changing. I want to have a creative outlet outside of my business – When I have time to sit and share a story. The tag my two cents will be dedicated to things in my life that surely others face where we can laugh, shake our heads and share with friends! With healthy living being one of my focus’ I also believe it reflects the way I think too. I’ve been blessed so far that the readers and followers of this blog have been so incredible, Its been a very positive experience and thats how I would love to see things go.

Sit down, relax and welcome to “Mizzfittscloset”


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