Halloween Edition: I wanted to be…

Its the Month of October and if you haven’t decided what you’re dressing up as for Halloween you’ve still got some time! But this isn’t a post about Halloween costume suggestions or DIY hacks for a party you’re throwing. I’m about to share a Halloween story about myself when I was a kid. Buckle up!

It was October 1994, I was 5 years old, in Kindergarten at a little school in a (once) small town in Southern Alberta. It was about as country as it gets and not exactly a town that would be recognized as being open minded or very forward thinking. At this time Power Rangers was one of the most popular Kids shows on TV. Any 90s kid knows exactly what Show I’m talking about. They had a variety of coloured uniforms the boys would wear and they even girl who donned pink.  So when I told my parents that I wanted to be a Power Ranger it was no big deal. Off to the local SAAN store we went to go collect my costume. As soon as we got there I went straight to the colourful rack of costumes, picked out my costume and handed it to my mum. I picked blue. Which was a boy character in the show. My mum asked me if I was sure I wanted the blue costume and not the pink one. I was sure.  My mum agreed, bought me the costume, we went home and that was the last we spoke about it.

Here’s why it doesn’t matter that I picked out a “boy” costume.

  1. I picked the costume based on my favourite character and my favourite colour.
  2. I never picked the costume because I “Wanted to be a boy”
  3. My sexual preference wasn’t even a thought when picking out my clothes, it was what I was most comfortable in.
  4. As kids we pick our favourite character from a movie or show because we like it.
  5. We are excited about what we like, we don’t have a fear of being judged.

Kids shows aren’t broken down into “girl” or “boy” categories. They are created for both sexes to enjoy. So if a boy wants to dress as a princess or a “girl” character, let them and vice versa. We need to stop labelling kids as being “gay” or confused, or shaming the parents for allowing their children to express themselves by dressing up as whatever the hell they please.

Guess what? We turn out ok. Whether we grow up to be gay or straight, what we wear shouldn’t affect anyone. Its a form of expression, its us pretending to be that prince or princess we love from that new movie, its us being kids, or as adults its us being ourselves and comfortable enough to do so.  When we’re children, (for majority of us) it has nothing to do with our sexual identity, so don’t say it is. When I went to school that day and put on my blue Power Ranger costume, know what other kids said? Nothing, because kids don’t judge at that age. They see the costume for exactly what it is. A day to dress up and be someone or something you’re not for 364 days of the year. Know what upset me that day? I wasn’t the only girl who had decided to dress up as the blue power ranger. I’m grateful for parents who support their kids decisions despite how they may personally feel about things or the negative outside opinions they get from friends, strangers, and teachers. I went trick or treating and got a boatload of candy. So no matter how your dressed, own it, love your day and be you, and just know being you isn’t reserved for only one day of the year 😉


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2 Responses to Halloween Edition: I wanted to be…

  1. Melissa @ Always, Lissa says:

    I love this post. I always wanted to be Darth Vader as a kid and my step-father wouldn’t me because obviously if I wanted to be a boy character I must be a lesbian. *eyeroll* The year I went as a pirate and wore pants he nearly blew his stack. Kids are kids. If they are gay, it’s not because of a costume. If my future son wants to wear a pink princess gown, I’m going out and getting him one. 🙂

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