Standards and sticking to them!

Its been a rough go, relationship wise, but I’m growing as a person and I’m happier than ever… Well, almost! Despite being happy with myself and my life there’s still a small sliver of unhappiness, specifically with romantic relationships. I’m usually one for more light hearted posts that are uplifting and happy but I’ve gotta be real.

Being a business owner who works crazy hours the dating pool is awfully hard. I’ve gone out with people looking for a quick hook up, or people who are so desperate for something that all standards and expectations are thrown out the window, and uh, no thanks.. This past week I met with a long time friend and the topic of relationships came up. He and I have a great relationship with insane chemistry but for the time being its just not in our set of cards. But like every card game, you’re given a new ones after each hand is over. So we won’t rule things out indefinitely but remain hopeful that one of us scores that Black jack when the time is right.

What is expected from a partner? I’ve been accused of having high standards “way too high” to be exact. But I know in my heart that I can’t waver from what I want. What is it I want? Someone who’s as driven, independent and passionate about their business. Business, not a 9-5 person (nothing against them) someone who understands that work doesn’t end at 5 o’clock, or work doesn’t end on a Friday. There’s some days I roll out of bed at 10am, I don’t want to be told “how lucky/lazy I am”, I work until 2 or 3 in the morning some nights. my life isn’t normal or standard. I need someone who’s outlook and ideas match mine, while being focused still makes time for whats important – outside of our respective business’.

I want a best friend who I can split a bottle of wine with and laugh about life, who’s passionate and excited about living, who doesn’t see hatred or negativity in other people but only the good. A person who accepts flaws and mistakes with kindness and forgiveness. A person you can lay next to and trust they have your back no matter what. I don’t need jealousy or resentment. I’m a social person when I’m not working, so finding someone to balance going out for a nice dinner or chillin’ on the couch with a movie is a huge must. I’m not into partying as much anymore but interested in riding out a solid buzz with people closest to me.

I really don’t think I’m asking for too much, and if you feel you have insane expectations or that you aren’t meeting the right people for you, don’t give up and don’t settle. Life is too beautiful and too short to settle for someone who doesn’t fit you. For the first time in my life I asked my dad for relationship advice. My dad’s words “Don’t worry about what they do, how tall they are, or what they do to make money. Find someone who’s morals and values match yours and that you both bring happiness into each others lives the rest will work itself out”

Turns out my dad is a pretty smart guy. Maybe I shouldn’t have waited so long to ask for help.


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2 Responses to Standards and sticking to them!

  1. Melissa @ Always, Lissa says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having high standards and you definitely shouldn’t break them in order to settle. Never, ever settle. You know what you want and you WILL find it. Your dad is right. Definitely words to take to heart. And no, you’re definitely NOT asking for too much! Dating is so damn frustrating. I hated it. But I didn’t want to be alone either. I was ready for a relationship, finally. But as cliche as it is, you definitely have to weed through a lot of bad ones before finding someone worthy.

    • CassieNeil says:

      Thanks, Girly!

      Definitely won’t be settling! I haven’t this far; though we’re tempted to because being alone can suck! But I’ve focused my attention on meeting up with great people who bring out the best in me that I never feel alone! I’m excited for what life plans to send my way.

      I’m happy you and your guy became official! You’ll have to send me a photo of the lucky guy who gets you as his girlfriend! 😉

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