Love HURTS: FALLING for the Aussie

What’s up everyone! I’ve been writing a lot more frequently recently, which is good, I love to write, my head feels clear and I’m ready to share some silly stories and opinions with you again.

I’d like for this Blog to turn into something positive, something people can relate to or share a laugh with me over, so here goes!

For some reason people seem to like the dating stories I tell, so I’ll share with you the first time I ever tried to hit on a guy. Maybe not first, but probably most memorable story. Lets travel back in time to when I was 15 years old! It was December of 2004, I was on the Senior High school basketball team, for being a junior this was a pretty big deal. Our coaches had arranged for both a boys basketball team and girls basketball team from Australia to come over to experience Canada and basketball Canada. My family hosted two girls, while other families hosted the remaining boys and girls. There had been a bunch of exhibition games arranged so these folks could see what basketball was like in Canada, so since we were hosting these girls we attended all of their games. Of course young teenaged hormones were buzzing and of course the men were definitely on our radar. Well, one specifically was on mine. On one of our days off, we went to the Catholic High school to go cheer on the Aussie girls, were sitting in the bleachers watching the juniors play against the Australian girls team when one of the seniors on my team said to me “Cass, you should go talk to Dan (my crush) and maybe he can be your New Years Eve kiss!”

Being one to not back down from a challenge I decided to stand up and walk down the bleachers – if I recall correctly it was near the end of half time -Gym was back to being packed! So I make my way down the bleachers to the front row where he was sitting, but then out of nowhere I slipped on a patch of melted ice (now water) and eat it. My feet slipped from right under me and I wiped out, full body, America’s funniest Home videos style and ended up catching my fall with my ribs hitting the edge of the bleacher seat. Biggest Scene ever. To make matters worse, not only did he see, but my mum a few rows down saw all this happen and started laughing out loud, uncontrollably, along with the seniors who bet me to do it. I bolted right past him holding in tears of pain and embarrassment  and booked it to the bathroom. After I returned I went back to my spot and didn’t bother talking to Dreamy Dan, the seniors razzed me when I saying they’d never seen someone bolt from a gym so fast or We knew you liked him Cass, but you fell for hard and fast! Truth is, when you’re on the verge of tears, plus rocking embarrassment with the gym split laughing at you and wondering if you’re ok, you’re not faced with much of a choice.

For the rest of my Senior year anytime the girls saw me they’d reenact it with one girl flailing herself on the floor and then running 10 steps away. Thanks girls! But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t have traded that outcome for anything. Memories were made and occasionally my mum will still bring it up to laugh about. Love hurts, and don’t I Know it!

Have you had an embarrassing situation happen in front of your crush? Let me know in the comments!!


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