Single on Valentines day? Thats OK!

If you’re like me this year you’ll be spending the day of love single and solo. But being single isn’t a negative thing! Valentines Day is often called the Hallmark Holiday, which I suppose if you’re in the card business its one of your busiest few days.

I know some of the people that I’ve spoken to get down and out about being single on Valentines day. Big deal, you were single the day before and it wasn’t a dramatic, “my life is ending, #foreveralone” drama fest, so don’t let it be that on “the day.” Being single myself I decided maybe others might need a few tips on things they can do for themselves or distract themselves. So here are my tips, idea’s and suggestions!

If receiving a lovey dovey letter is what you want to receive on Valentines Day, take some time a few days before and write yourself and awesome, kick ass letter about what you love in your life and how awesome you are! Oh, you mean it has to come from someone else? Only nice things can be said in a letter from someone else? Negative! You’ve got to love yourself, before someone else can truly love you.  I’m serious though, grab a piece of paper and pen and start scrolling all the beautiful things about yourself. Not only will this trigger your brain to think about the things you love about yourself but it should boost your mood and hopefully put a smile on your face. This isn’t just for girls either. Guys you’re allowed to do this too, don’t worry your secret is safe with me. If during the day you begin feel a bit down open that letter up! If chocolates or flowers are your thing I’d suggest treating yourself to a sweet treat too.

Make one bitchin’ breakfast for yourself. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit, whatever. Start the day off right! I might even suggest some freshly squeezed orange juice as well. A cold glass of OJ?! What can beat that? One mixed with vodka or champagne of course 😉 

Next tip is Pamper yourself! Either go get your hair done, change up the colour and style or go for a mani pedi combo, or even hit up a spa and go for a massage, facial, chemical peel or whatever strikes your fancy. Way I see it is, if you were dating someone on this day, you’d be putting money out to treat them, but since your single treat yourself! If you’re sitting there saying, nah none of that is my thing, perhaps buy yourself a new outfit, get that game you wanted, whatever, these aren’t the rules just suggestions!

Have a singles dinner. Listen, it may feel like you’re surrounded by couples and you’re the only single one but I can assure you there are so many people who are in your exact same position, but that shouldn’t stop you from going out and enjoying yourself. Valentines day isn’t a day where the single people are supposed to lock themselves behind closed doors because they weren’t worthy of a date. So grab a group of friends and get out there. Hey, maybe even a friend might decide to bring a single friend of theirs to potentially do some of their own matchmaking. Cupid comes in many different forms, but if you stay at home you’ll never know.

Hit the gym! Like I mentioned you aren’t the only single person who’s going about the day, lots of people at the gym and who knows maybe you’ll meet someone cool there. Ladies, get a guy to spot you to break the ice. From there you can banter back and forth and hey you might have just made a new gym buddy or more. Now i know many of you say you can’t meet people at the gym, but guess what you sure can and if you go often enough you develop a pattern say “hi” in passing or comment on how great their dead lift looks. Assuming they aren’t completely oblivious to the faces they see you will be someone they remember. Of course there’s still the guys or girls who will act like you don’t exist and thats fine too, move on, you’re not out to beg for someones attention. The gym will boost your mood and make you feel happy. When people work out this healthy glow comes over them, you can be the most beautiful person in shorts and a t-shirt and I guarantee someone will notice. Make sure to smile, be yourself, and remember that being friendly isn’t uncool, its attractive and rare. 

Watch that Rom-Com you could have dragged your man into, pop some popcorn and munch on some candy. If that ins’t your thing then grab some wine and cheese and enjoy yourself. Again, there’s no skimping out on yourself, today. Its a day of love, so treat yourself! Don’t want to do this alone, call up those friends and either have a movie night, or pull out some board games and have an evening that is spent doing something you enjoy.

Whatever you do, don’t sit at home and refresh Facebook or twitter you’re going to depress the shit out of yourself over the couple status’ over how great their partner is, combined with kissing photo’s and I can guarantee there will be engagements. I could get started on engagements on holidays and birthdays but I won’t. Just stay off social media and spend the time loving yourself. Also keep in mind that just because people are in relationships, doesn’t mean they’re happy or in love. You can’t rely on someone else to make you happy or feel loved, it starts with you. Please do not enter relationships with a ton of issues and expect someone else to fix them, take the time off, work on building a better you – physically or mentally.

If you decide to do something for yourself that you know you will enjoy I can guarantee that you will have the best day. There’s absolutely no reason that you should feel being single is a red strike against yourself and nor should you feel that you are unlovable or not worth being spooned, and hey, you may actually have a better day than the couples on Valentines day. 😉


Here’s to being single and making a day of love just as important for us as it is for the couples!





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