Biggest Loser winner and my concerns.

I’ve gotta get something off my chest! No surprise, which is why you’re so lucky to read this. 

Here goes…



If you watched Biggest Loser last night, you know who won. Rachel won, and I’m pretty sure many people watching the show wanted her to win since we started watching her from the beginning. She is a young 23 year old girl who has an amazing passion for life and has achieved any goal she set for herself. One of them being titled the biggest loser. When I turned my PVR I was silently rooting for Rachel to win, as the revealed all the success of the at home efforts of cast off contestants from Season 15. I’d laugh and cry at the amazing transformations these people had and saw a new found love for themselves – something many had been lacking for many, many years. When it was time to show the final contestants I was so excited. First out was Bobby, he’d lost a tremendous amount of weight and looked good, but almost too thin – for my taste – its his body so rock on my friend and congratulations on overcoming obstacles and challenges that caused you to gain all your weight.

Second out was David, and I love David’s outlook on life. He’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever had the privilege of getting to know – even if he has no idea who I am. The guy has heart, a big heart too, that is so full of love it radiates from him. David looked amazing and lost an incredible amount of weight and looked fit and healthy too. 

Lastly the reveal Rachel, and before they did I had images of what Rachel would look like as I know she was a determined young lady on the show, that even when they weren’t filming she would continue to excel and kick some major ass. The excitement I had to see her was that of a child on christmas morning so stoked to open gifts under the tree, but what emerged from the back stage onto set was the saddest, happiness crushing thing I’ve ever seen, imagine that gift you just opened is the knock off – not so great version of some toy you wanted, but you smile, accept and evaluate your reaction. My reaction went from ecstatic kid on christmas to a kid finding out that Santa isn’t real – crushed. Rachel walked out on stage and all the strength and muscle we’d watched her gain was gone, she looked so Gaunt, anemic and the most unhealthy contestant I’ve ever seen in my life – dramatic weight loss or not, most people have this beautiful glow to them. Healthy people just do, I can’t explain it. Rachel looked like she was at deaths door. [Click here] and [here]  Now I’ve evaluated this, and I am in no way saying that she didn’t do work to get to where she was, nor am I accusing her of having an eating disorder, I’m definitely not out to start a rumour on someone. My main concern is this…

with a $250 000 prize for being the biggest loser at what point do you say enough is enough? Maybe i’m training too hard and maybe, just maybe this is too extreme? My health and time above the earth is so so important to me that it out weighs any dollar amount that could be presented. I have a few questions:

I can only assume that Rachel wasn’t isolated in the 3-4 months she had off camera. Assumably she has friends and family that had seen her. Why didn’t they speak up? When we, alone with Rachels parents saw her at make over week she was stunningly beautiful. Maybe had 10-15 lbs left to lose if she really really wanted to, but even that would be “extreme” 

Its evident that Rachel has an issue, she was “obsessed” or “addicted” to food, once they battled that issue it was an obsession to meet every goal she set out – go girl, I love a go getter, goal setting achiever, I’m the same way. But when it comes to health, weight etc. You cannot be so obsessed with losing weight that you lose yourself along the way and I mean literally. The Rachel I saw on stage was no longer a fellow athlete I looked to as a great inspiration I saw a very troubled soul that is obviously needing more help that she was able to receive during her time on the show. It was one extreme to another. 

Now lets be very clear here. There are many variations of what healthy is. I get the wide span, I wasn’t born yesterday and I have been healthy for a better part of my life and thats been from 145 lbs-170 – I get it. What I absolutely do not understand are the comments people are making calling people “haters” for her dramatic weight loss. Tweets and comments like ” wow when she’s fat, she’s not good enough, then loses the weight and then she’s too thin can’t make anyone happy” my immediate reaction is to give these girls – mostly younger, highschoolers a huge lesson that being bone thin and anemic and sickly is not healthy. What most people are trying to get across when they said “Wow Rachel is too thin” isn’t “wow I am jealous” its of CONCERN its ” Holy shit, she’s lost a ridiculous amount of weight (great) but is she healthy? (hmm..) Are there more issues than she told us. Its out of concern. Anyone trying to white knight her and say she looks great obviously doesn’t have a grip on reality. If you go to a mall, and look at all the people you walk by, how many people that thin (not talking about thin hot girls – I assure you Rachel is smaller) do you see? I can absolutely assure you its not many.


Blaming the trainers. Really? The trainers did their job until the last day of filming then its boom, you’re off the ranch, great job guys, you still have work to do if you want to win – everyone becomes “At home” and its best of the best. Bob and Jillians Reaction, not to mention other contestants saw her and their faces said it all. “Holy fuck” – concerned – not jealous or as a hate on for her. CONCERNED. End of discussion on that. Everyone looking to blame someone for how Rachel turned out need point the finger at Rachel. I hope for this girls sake that she’s able to achieve a healthy weight and the happiness that she deserves.




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One Response to Biggest Loser winner and my concerns.

  1. jannatwrites says:

    I agree, I think the weight loss went too far. Maybe the extreme loss is simply due to really wanting the grand prize money, and maybe she’ll slip into a normal weight. On the other hand, it could run much deeper than that. At any rate, I do hope she finds and keeps her ‘healthy’ whatever that is!

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