What is a Best Friend?

Friends they come and go, but a Best friend sticks by yourside.

I have a best friend, I may even have two.

They know who they are and I don’t need to tell them that. These two people I can go to with any question, concern, situation and idiotic thing in the world and tell me straight up if I’m being overly sensitive, irrational, or often times tell me I should speak up and say something and defend myself.

Although geographically we aren’t close, our connection to one another will always remain tighter than any bond you could have with a person and at times we do lose touch due to our busy lives, but lets face it, we always come back to one another. There’s a connection between us like a magnet, our bond is inseparable. I’ve seen every side to my best friends, I’ve shared laughter, hard times, accomplishments, amazing experiences, Vacations, breakups, and… well… you get the picture. We’ve been each others partners in crime (not real crime). We’ve been there as a wing man, and we’ve been the friend who became a cock block. I’ve seen both of these people cry their eyes out for different reasons, I’ve been the strong supportive and non judgemental friend,  and they are the same for me.

Thank you to my two best friends, who would never hurt me emotionally, mentally or physically,  who will be by my side and understand and accept me no matter what the circumstance.

I look forward to seeing one of my BFF’s in a matter of weeks, getting rid of all the recent bullshit in my life, having a girls day and remembering why it is I am to enjoy life. I look forward to the reminder and hope that the next few weeks blow by, I could use a fresh start.

Thank you for all that you do and I love you ❤


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One Response to What is a Best Friend?

  1. Courtney Turcotte says:

    Well said 🙂 I also have a best friend who I can say this blog exactly describes as well 😉 Thank you for all you do for me too Cass! Love you ❤

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