My turn to ask a question.

Many of you have come to me asking for advice on different subject matter, so I’ve decided to turn the tables and ask you (my readers) a question. I’m not sure how many people actually allow their eyes to pass over my entries, but none-the-less I’ll put it out there and see what kind of response I get.

For those who know me in person, I’d ask that you don’t read too much into this post or try to connect the dots to what you think I’m talking about. Chances are you probably have the slightest clue, and if not, I’d suggest just giving me your honest input and not worry too much about it.

Many of us have a close guy/gal friend who that’s all they’ve ever been. Whether you want to admit it or not, feelings or interest for the person can develop. So let me ask you this, if that’s happened to you; how do you go about expressing how you feel or suggesting that maybe not the only thing between you two is a friendship?

The other day I was channel surfing and stopped on The Tyra show. It was called “We’re Just Friends” it was about Males and Females who had been friends for years. Well one of the girls decided to use her segment as a confession that she wanted to maybe try things out and have a relationship. Sad thing was she was rejected on National Television. I felt bad for her and I’d hate to ever be in that position, the being rejected part, I’d never sign up to be on a TV show, unless I’m being paid the big bucks. They did a follow-up a few months later and not only did they start dating, they were married 6 months later!!

So let me ask you this, could you have a great friendship be furthered into a relationship? Whats the fear of taking that step? If it ends can you both keep the same mutual friends you had before you started dating? Whats the best thing that happened to you? Whats the worst thing?


Lemme know.



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2 Responses to My turn to ask a question.

  1. John Tyler says:

    I have gone through this myself. I think if you don’t bring it up with your friend, you’ll never know if there even is a possibility for more. I’ve gone both ways, my first relationship over 10 years ago I decided not to say anything, and now have since re-connected with that friend. I’ve talked about it with her now, and realized I’ve missed out. Another friend I did choose to say something, it didn’t work out, slightly awkward, but worth knowing where we stand.

  2. John Tyler says:

    It comes back to this post. I think you made the right choice and brought up your questions,concerns, and feelings. Yes it can be awkward or embarrassing but I don’t think your friends would think any less of you. I know I don’t. Not the answers you were looking for, but at least you found out what he’s like and usually sooner the better. I found with my last relationship, the more committed and invested in the relationship, the harder it is when it ends like that.

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