Summer Bucket List and a few small rules

This summer I’ve given myself some unofficial rules.  Having fun, and staying single. Now I’m a strong believer that rules can be broken, so that being said, If I find Prince Charming along the way, great. If not, no big deal. I made this rule because last summer I was seeing someone, now don’t get me wrong while things were great while they lasted I still missed out on some things I would have liked to have done either alone or together. Due to our differences and busy lives we didn’t accomplish what we had wanted to do, maybe because we were too invested in each other or trying to balance our “before dating” friendships or whatever the case was.

More important than my vow to try to stay single, I have a couple of activities that I plan to do this summer. Before I post my list, I’ll tell you this much, although some of the activities will be easy and “boring” to some, I realize that, and if I’m going to fill my summer days with some fun in between my working, It doesn’t always have to be “balls to the walls” fun or expensive.

My list is as follows and is of course always subject to change:

  • 50 minutes in 50 days (A challenge a friend posed me to, in order to keep active through the summer)
  • CINCO DE MAYO (May 5; for all you non spanish speakers, will involve drinking)
  • Volunteering at Social Media Unplugged (May 7th)
  • MOTHERS DAY (Sunday May 8th)
  • Go golfing once a day
  • Steak Off at Melrose Cafe & Bar (I don’t know whats more fun than judging steak May 12)
  • Continue 50 minutes in 50 days
  • Heritage Park re-opens (Saturday May 21)
  • VICTORIA DAY (Drinking involved; May 23)
  • Cavalia! Not sure what day I’ll be attending yet but (May 23-29?)
  • House boating from (June 24-26 – opens many doors to Summer list)
  • Random road trip to BC for a weekend (not yet dated)
  • White Water Rafting (not yet dated)
  • Random photo walks through Banff, Jasper, and other suggested towns/areas
  • Patio Crawl (not yet dated)
  • Go on a pub crawl (something I haven’t done in about a year or so)
  • Stampede madness
  • Attend the Stampede Parade
  • Watch the Grandstand Show
  • Watch some live bands
  • Sing Karaoke (if you’ve heard me sing, it aint pretty)
  • Hit up the High River rodeo
  • Watch the Okotoks Parade
  • Visit the Tyrell Museum and area
  • Go fishing (something I’ve never done)
Just a few to start, if any of you who know me wish to attend, have your own adventure’s you’d like someone to accompany you on, or join in on my fun,  give me a call. For those of you reading this I do not know, I’d love to hear some of your Summer Bucket List idea’s and maybe I’ll add them to mine.


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One Response to Summer Bucket List and a few small rules

  1. Josh T says:

    Being a Stampede volunteer has its perks like free entry to the grounds plus free standing room to the rodeo and grandstand tarmac and infield so if your up for it I’ll take you one day! 🙂

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