Yes, I’m still alive.

You’d think that after my Alley Burger entry that I’d died since my posting has disappeared almost completely. But if we’re friends you’d know that isn’t the case. We probably talked, or you liked a status of mine on Facebook, or we got drunk once and don’t remember how the night went to piece the puzzle of our night together. None of which gives me any idea’s to write about, but it sure was fun. But, I guess given my track record of hot entries, I fall into hibernation shortly afterwards and then end up posting a sub-par post like this one.


I’m not sure what to tell you, a funny story that occurred at a house party? How insanely busy I’ve been with my new career? What guy I’m interested in, but my existence to them is not *yet* noticed? All boring topics right?  Yeah. Someone suggested that I did write about my business. I’m not really sure what to say about that. I go to the location, take pictures spend  some of time on the computer editing. Some is an understatement. I’m on the computer for hours, simply because I get distracted easily. It’s hard for me to sit down and focus on one thing and dedicate my attention 100% to it. Everything gets finished before the sun rises the next morning, whether that’s 1 photo shoot or 3 0r 4.

It takes a while, because there’s roughly 3 photo’s glued together to make one perfect photo, repeat that for a minimum of 20 photo’s and you’re sitting down for a bit. Times that by 3 or 4 shoots and it’s a longer process. I have a company I can send images to and have them edit them for me, but I haven’t determined if its a pride thing that I don’t, or if I’m a cheap skate. Today I did Three Monster shoots, and I bit the bullet and sent a couple of rooms that would’ve been a nightmare to edit off to my company.

After finishing the shoots in quite literally half the time it would take me to do all three, I asked myself “Why didn’t you do that sooner?” I felt like a weight was off my shoulders along with a 3AM bedtime (if I’m lucky) had been lifted. What I’d never asked myself before was, what was my time worth? My time to spend with friends, who I’ve had to ditch on more occasions than I’d like to admit, was worth sacrificing a couple of dollars to have someone else do them. Although I’m running a business I need to make time for me. My clients will always be a priority, but if I’m running myself into the ground and not relying on my resources that are there to help I won’t be able to take photo’s. As the coming months get busier as my business grows I’d like there to be a balance, may as well get into a good rhythm and flow of production sooner, than later.

Not only am I doing Real Estate Photography, but I’ve agreed to photograph buildings and lights for other companies as well. Those edits are up to me, no one else took the picture or saw what I saw, so those are also on a time crunch and also important.  Am I spreading myself too thin? One may think so, but on the days I’m crazy busy, there’s also days where I’m not scheduled to work. Time is what we make it, I’m young enough that I can go hard and establish myself, before finding Mr. Right and having mistake 1, 2 or 3 to clean up after and try to balance a business.

So for those worried, Yes, I am alive, loving life and figuring out what to do with this extra time I’ve recently found. Maybe it was to fill you all in with my Ramblings? Whatever the case is I’m still around.



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