Caught with my pants down; Male Roomie Edition

Okay, so this happened a while ago and I figured by sharing an embarrassing story it’d be a lighter read than some of the “Dear Abby” like posts I’ve been recently adding to the blog. That being said, whats better than a story being caught with your pants on the ground? How about being caught by your Male roommate with your pants down?  Here goes.

Due to being a wickedly light sleeper I slept with ear plugs in to drown out the noise of traffic on 17th avenue and any noise my roommate might make while coming in at early hours (3 AM-4AM) We worked split shifts often not seeing each other for 4-5 days. Usually when he got in he’d be in bed at around 5AM after video gaming or movie watching until the sleep crept to his eyes.  I’d wake up to get ready for work around 630-7 and this morning was no different. I made a quick trip to the bathroom before picking out the clothes of the day for work, and didn’t even think to remove my Ear plugs.  I also forgot the lock the door it was early and I didn’t expect him to be up and I’d only be in for a minute. For whatever reason this morning he was still up, I look up from drowzily staring at the floor see my roommate staring at me as I’m sitting there.  Okay, I wasn’t spread eagle or anything, but there’s always a concern when you get walked in on, what they might have seen. For the record he wasn’t staring either, it was a “deer in headlight” kinda look.

He quickly shut the door as I yelled “holy shit”

After exiting the bathroom I found him sitting in the living room staring at the television turned off.  He was embarrassed, as was I for about 30 seconds before quickly getting over it. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Dude, sorry about that I thought you were sleeping, so I didn’t lock it

Him: Its okay, I knocked before opening the door though.

Me: I’m sure you did, but I had my ear plugs in. You totally got a front row seat to view my lady parts.

Him: I swear I didn’t see anything Cass!!

Me: Dude, I’m not embarrassed, don’t worry about it, I’ve seen you passed out in the bathroom in your boxers, guess we’re even eh?

Him: *mumble*

Me: Alright,cool, I’m going in for my shower, so I’ll see you Thursday.

So I’d say after that experience I’ve become paranoid about making sure the door is locked. As for him? I’m pretty sure all his friends found out quickly, I know that was the first story to come out of my mouth that morning at work.

Lock your doors.


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