Car Troubles!

So I found this entry along with another one that was on another site that I used to use, and since most of my traffic comes from here, I figured I’d share it with you.

Last year around this same time I was having crazy car problems. So here’s the story of what went down.

I’d been noticing a problem with my car, it was having difficulty increasing speed any time I switched gears, whether it was off the start or switching from second to third gear, fourth to fifth. It sounds silly but I think of my car as a human, I immediately thought “he’s sick!” I refer to the car as a he as it doesn’t have a name, and it just makes the story flow  a bit easier. Back to the story!  I’d have to increase my speed to get up hills, going much faster than I should have, only to ensure I’d make it to the top of the hill. Which this method only ran me into trouble. The hill I climb every day to get home from work, had a beautiful man in red black pants and trouser with a horrendous green colored safety vest. A cop.  “he’s really sick,” I thought as I dug through my glove box to find my insurance and registration, neither of which I had, or if I did, it was outdated. Great. I sat patiently in my car as I waited for the cop to give me his verdict. About 10 minutes goes by, then 15, and I’m still thinking about the car, not the potential ticket or towing costs this little. Towing the car did cross my mind, as I thought, well at least he’ll get seen too, and his problems will soon after, be figured out where we can resolve them… Cop approaches my car and hands me a ticket, gives me the run down on how much things will cost and tells me to have a Happy Birthday. I’m thinking Happy Birthday? What? I look at the ticket a little closer and realize he’s only clocked me going 10 over the limit (not 20 like I was doing) I don’t have to exit my car and I’m not getting in trouble for the expired insurance or the outdated registration. I’m free to go! Although I’m happy for this I’m still left wondering whats wrong with my car. I drive home, like normal.

After a night of rest I realize obviously something is quite wrong with my car. I call my girlfriend who’s husband just so happens to be a mechanic and give a brief rundown of the “symptoms” of the car, I feel like I’m explaining problems to a doctor, and asked out loud, can you cure him? Can a mechanic really cure a car? or just fix it?  Did my car have some disease?  I dropped my car off the Saturday, and was given a vehicle from my GF to drive so I didn’t have to go rent a car for the days that my car was out of commission. Although they had a very nice Jeep to let me drive it wasn’t my car. It wasn’t what I was used to and it wasn’t “him” So for the next few days Every time the phone rang it was more bad news. I needed a new Fly wheel, brand new those things range from about $300 – $900, yikes, this was adding up fast especially after the $350 I just spent on a new clutch. He must be really sick and he needs to be fixed. I call my dad, as there is no way I can afford a new Fly Wheel, he gives me the idea of a pick and pull, we hang up and he calls me back shortly telling me he’s found a replacement. Although I’m skeptical I call my gf and let her know I’ve found a replacement part, Which cost me $75 dollars, not a potential $900. At the end of the day everything cost me a grand total of $900 Mechanic costs, new clutch,  fly wheel, tire rotation, and an oil change, I got him back four days later, and couldn’t have been happier.

What I learned from this experience was although this was a pain and a bit stressful for me I realize how great I have it, through the people I know, and who helped me, either with doing the actual fixing of my car, allowing me to use one of their own, or calling around to different places to assist in finding a part. I am grateful he got sick, as sometimes we as people need a wake up call, to show us that in some way or form the people around us care. Sometimes we just need little roadblocks to simply show us that although the situation itself sucks, the people around us can fix the problem and make the situation feel much ‘lighter’ than we initially thought


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