Super Bow— Socialize Sunday!

The entire purpose of this title was to simply set a time frame; not to discuss the football game that I never watched. I’m a supreme Football fan, but I’m also a social butterfly and lets just say that one took over the other.  My brother and I headed to a local pub, that consisted of friends and acquaintances, so I guess it’s no real surprise that I didn’t get to see the game.

This was my baby brothers first pub venue he’d ever been too since turning the legal age back in January, so I figured taking him to a place that I enjoyed would only rub off on him and allow him to enjoy himself also. With it being my brothers first experience I tried to inform him to go slow with his booze, or he’d be a puddle by the end of the night; he did well for about the first quarter before slamming back pints of Canadian and accepting shots from the bartender – who I used to live with. Not because we dated, simply because he and I were roomies. I informed my brother; again to go slow. Being a veteran drinker I’ve been down the path of “drink too fast and vomit before you have the chance to hit on anyone”and know damn well that if you don’t leave the place without getting a number you’ve failed – didn’t want the same for him. He did quite well.

Our table was quite seriously the revolving door for those who wanted to have a chat; which felt like half the bar. The guys at the table behind us made comment about the amount of men that came by, and not females. Females aren’t my type, so the more men the merrier. There were a few girls who eyed up my brother, and he grew increasingly frustrated with constantly being gawked at. Little things over time he’ll grow to ignore, I know when I was that age walking into a bar I felt like everyone was looking at me too. Now I barely even notice (for myself) the hottie at the table next to me checked me out twice and flashed a smile, but went ignored. Back when I was 17 18 that was the first thing I noticed! The one thing my brother loved was the amount of free booze that was delivered or brought/ordered. I’m not sure if it’s an unwritten rule but I know friends of mine do it, I do it, and even acquaintances do it that they buy a round of drinks, shots, whatever for the table they join. I’m going to look into this unwritten rule, because if it doesn’t exist, it should. Needless to say the rookie, aka my bro, ended up being a puddle by the end of the night, of course I had to throw the dig of “I told you so” while he sent a message to the porcelain gods.

So who won the game? I have no idea. Who go MVP? No idea. What I do know? That’s the first time I’ve ever sat in a bar for 5 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. So this is an indirect shout out to those who made the day great. Keeping the blog consistent with no name policy if they read this they’ll know they were involved.


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