The Roommate



Last night we went and saw The Roommate, by total accident. Originally we had planned to go see Sanctum, but leaving me in charge of movie location and times was obviously too difficult of a task for myself. I’d checked out several locations, and confused the times. So at 6:45 we headed to the movie theatre thinking it started at 7:00 only to be told the movie didn’t start until 7:45. My bad. So we chose the next movie that didn’t leave us waiting for an hour. The Roommate.

To be honest I wasn’t too upset we had to go see it, because a part of me wanted to see the movie, regardless of popularity and reviews, my hopes were high that it would have been an awesome psycho-killer thriller movie that marched to the beat of the drum of something like “Scream.” Unfortunately I was sadly mistaken, which I guess you could say that the trailers gave no indication of it being a Slasher movie (not that Scream is). I’m not even sure comparing to it Scream is even fair, as the story lines are entirely different, but i wanted the same killing-ness.

The movie sucked. There was nothing about the movie that was captivating and the story line was your usual, “girl finds a boyfriend in college, after leaving her ex because she got into a different school and makes some friends, and lives with a psycho roommate.” Okay, so maybe not a psycho roommate, but a roommate nonetheless. I’ll give a quick spoiler/synopsis… The main character is studying fashion in College, gets into a sweet class with a hot teacher (obviously some sort of foreshadowing), meets her antisocial roommate and at her first frat party meets her new boyfriend. How its possible to land a committed guy that quickly seemed a bit far fetched – although if anyone knows someone, send them my way ;). Its quick to determine the psycho roomie Rebecca grows increasingly fond of her roommate Sara, it left me wondering if it was some sort of lesbian obsession/infatuation before learning the girl has psycho tendencies; at first the movie portrays her as an over protective friend until things unfold.

Rebecca does weird shit, like attacks Sara’s friend in the shower, and rips out her belly button ring, threatening to kill her if she mentions it to anyone. She obsessively calls Sara if she’s not back in her room by a certain time. She stalks Sara and her new boyfriend while they study together in a library. She blackmailed a teacher who kissed Sara after inviting her on a trip to Paris by going into his office and states she’ll do “anything” for him to get in his class. The guy see’s it as an advance, removes his wedding ring and goes in for the kiss, Rebecca is recording everything making comments like “stop you’re hurting me” then starts screaming for someone to help her. She submits the recording to the Dean and that’s the last we see of the hot teacher. I won’t share all the details of the movie incase you decide to see it. Its a very disturbing movie.

I wouldn’t suggest seeing it in theatres, it certainly wasn’t worth the money they charged admission for. If you’re looking for a scary movie this isn’t it, I’d give it a 2/10 for scare factor, the trailer made the film look eerier and crazier than it actually was. I think the ‘freaky’ thing about this movie is the fact that when you are sharing your living arrangements with someone, you just never know who you’ll get and makes the possibility of living with a psychopath a little too real; we just can’t read everyone in the way we’d like too. The only thing this movie did for me was solidify my decision to never live with a female; EVER. Men or alone only. Sorry ladies! Men? Good luck, I can see how a decision to live with a girl might be a hard one after this movie.

Check out the Trailer here:

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