Sled Dogs Slaughtered

As we are all aware, the news of the mass killing of seld dogs broke out into the media yesterday January 31, 2011. For those reading this who heard about it, I’ll give you a quick run down, and then provide a ton of links for you to read up on it if you wish to, and would encourage you to sign a petition to Boycott Outdoor Adventures, in Whistler BC.

Alright, so a year ago Canada held the Winter Olympics 2010 in British Columbia, with the hype and everything going on around the Olympics the company decided to breed a ton of dogs to provide services of Dog Sledding to people visiting for the Olympics. I guess its fair to say that the company had their sights set way too high, and through all the breeding they’d done, had a few too many hounds. One of the workers at the company (who finally came forward a year later) was ordered to Euthanize the dogs. I won’t go into the details of how it was done as I don’t want to deter anyone from continuing reading this post, but for those who are interested in learning the horrific details, click here.

Without knowing any information as to why it “needed” to be done, I was already a bit torn up over the matter. As a huge animal lover it is hard for me to imagine any reason why we would kill an animal that is deemed to society as a “family pet.” In the reports it says that adopting the animals was attempted although was  unsuccessful (uhhh, no shit), and Euthanization (by gunshot) was required. As easy as it is to assume that the dogs didn’t suffer, its evident in the report that it isn’t the case. There are plenty of unanswered questions with no answers so I can’t even begin to answer yours.

How did this all come out? The worker reported the incident to the SPCA a year later, a full year later. What infuriates me is why something wasn’t done sooner, before one man ruined his life by subjecting himself to some horrific mass murdering and claiming the lives of innocent dogs that struggled to defend themselves. Surely there was talk about having to get rid of some dogs in a specific manner, as soon as his name came up to do the duty, he just accepted the task? Are you kidding me?  As it is described he killed many of the dogs that he raised from their birth. This also wasn’t his first time Euthanizing an animal, as he had done so in the past, may it have been to old age, injury, or illness.

This may be a little far fetched and a bit outlandish, but if humans had the same mentality over other humans, to dispose of what isn’t needed, then when the recession hit a better half of North America, during the time of the Olympics, we really should have just killed all who was no longer needed. Every working individual who got laid off could have been “taken out” been “dealt” with, the dogs were in the same situation; they didn’t have enough work to keep the dogs employed, so they dealt with it in the most malicious way possible. I know that was a morbid comparison, and you’re sitting there saying “Well human life is more valuable than an animals, people provide for their families and friends. Animals are here to make our households look bigger, provide happiness to the families they live with,” or whatever someone’s reason or purpose is of having a family pet is. How many of you reading this have had an animal that has been needed to be put down? Did you look into the eyes of your pet and see the look of absolute desperation to help them? If you know the look I’m talking of then imagine doing that 100 times over, seeing the same face, of a panic’d helpless animal.  Lets not forget that in the manner these animals were put down it wasn’t a silent scenario. I’ll let you imagine the sound and shrills that were emitted from the mouths of the canines.

Am I happy that the man who’d already done the job came forward and says he has PTSD because of it? Not really. I understand that his actions will be forever engrained in his mind, and rightfully so. I’m not sure him coming out to the SPCA was really necessary, I think what was necessary was that the authorities be involved long before this occurred. I’m not really sure what justice is in this situation, but I hope that its served. I’d like to see the company go out of business, and a cap of how many dogs are allowed to be working under one company to prevent this from happening again.


I apologize for the graphic nature that blog post was presented in.


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