Van Guy Strikes Back

So a while ago I posted about my disaster experience in Vancouver and gave a quick run down on the company I went with. Well I think the last time he and I spoke over the phone was back in November, a week after the disaster experience.

The phone call I felt was him trying to come across as a “nice guy” and had asked me if I still thought of him as a “sweet, supportive, nice, caring guy” (his words not mine, okay?) I didn’t even give him a proper answer and replied sarcastically with “Did you just read me an ‘about me’ section from an e-harmony website?” He laughed awkwardly and continued talking. You’d think that’d be the end of the conversation, but it wasn’t, he wanted to beat a dead horse and explain his point of view (again) over what happened in beautiful BC.

I’d say by the point in conversation I began facebooking surfing the web periodically throwing an “mmhmm” or an “uh-huh” to seem like I was still paying some attention to a conversation I had no care in the world for. He rambled on about his business portion of the trip, how that went and whatever. How did it go? I have no idea. I think I planned a weeks worth of outings with friends and scheduled a bunch of little things along the way.

It was music to my ears when the conversation was heading down the path of closure. What I’d hoped would be done forever. He’d go his way, and I’d go mine. His parting words to me were “In the New Year I won’t make an effort to contact you.” I think at that point I muted the phone to let out a joyous scream of delight, quickly composed myself, got back on the phone and sounded neutral on the great news. After hanging up the phone I figured I wouldn’t hear from him again.  Little did I suspect a few weeks later I’d receive a few texts, checking up on me, how business was going etc. After giving vague responses I think he got the message I wasn’t interested in talking.  The new year hit and since then he’s tried to contact me a total of  4 via call and several times via text, and me? Zero.

I will respond to his texts, but give vague answers and again make myself appear too busy and completely uninterested, which I am, for him. Anyone else usually gets an engaging conversation and arrangements to get together. Not him.  He called and text me tonight, looking to just chat. I’m not really sure if I have anything else to say to him. I’m passed the point of ever rectifying what we had (or didn’t have) and really don’t care if we never speak again.

Part of me thought writing about this would be bitter and be a bitch move, but really since I don’t use names of people unless they give me the O.K. to do so,  I’m simply sharing my experience and what I’m sure more women that just myself go through when it comes to men or even vice versa.

So Question of the Blog is… Why do people text their ex’s? If the relationship is finished with and both parties are aware that there is no going back, conversation should cease. Only ways I’d text an ex, is if we remained friends, or a situation forced us to go our separate ways and there was a possibility to rekindle things in the future. Let me know. I’m curious.


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2 Responses to Van Guy Strikes Back

  1. Courtney says:

    I still talk to my ex but that again is for the reasons your mentioned, a situation tore us apart the feelings never left so as I don’t know if we’ll ever work out I do know I still love him and hope he can remain in my life even if its just as a friend. But the exes where it ended badly, or just ended because feelings died on one or both sides yep don’t feel any need to talk to those exes.

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