Jersey Shore, Season 3 Episode 2

Again we start off another episode where we left off, round two of Sammi and J-Woww’s pathetic fist fight. Getting violent enough for two fat security guards/bouncers to step in. I figured they whole purpose of having those guys was to protect the Cast from other people, not each other. This episode seemed less exciting, less drama that what I’d been anticipating.

Nonetheless, Snooki and new house member Deena continue to entertain viewers while Sammi and Ronnie sort our their relationship bullshit, outcasting themselves from everyone else. Honestly so far I am really enjoying Deena, she’s just as funny and Snooki is and I’m thinking that Snooki should really have her own show. She comes out with hilarious one liners that have viewers cocking and eyebrow, and laughing along hysterically. Deena is a little bit of an oddball and I’d say probably tries to act like Snooki, because Snooki is so well liked by everyone, regardless, I don’t get sick of watching the duo. Best part of the show was a toss up between Snooki hiding in a bush at the club Karma, for no known reason, or the kickball game she and Deena decided to play on the rooftop of the shore house, losing their ball in the process, and inventing ways to retrieve the small ball. Vinny to the rescue, as they make a really long ball retriever out of beer bong tubes and a broom, to fetch the ball.

I began to laugh a bit when “The Situation” tries to rectify all the drama, by calling everyone a family and suggesting a truce between everyone, before being quickly shut down by the two sharing a pity party, Ronnie and Sammi. I think being the oldest guy in the house he attempts to take on some bizarre father role, telling people to call a truce, and cooking Sunday night dinner. Mike seems so out of the loop inside the house that I honestly feel that when everyone is fighting he feels they’re fighting over him. (Okay, maybe not, but he seems rather clueless). Lets also draw the attention to the potential 3-sum Mike was willing to have with Some chick from the club and Vinny. I’m sorry, but to me, Vinny doesn’t seem like the guy who’d be willing to Cross swords with you Mike. Locking the door was the best thing he could’ve done to escape that awkwardness.

I love Pauly, he stays as far away from the Drama as possible, until it in some way involves him. I think he felt really disrespected when Sammi and Ronnie did their own thing for Sunday dinner, and felt even more disrespected when Sammi retorted with “I could care less.” to end the show everyone went out to the Boardwalk and enjoyed the rides. Everyone except Sammi enjoyed the night out. Which it was nice to see that Ronnie wasn’t going to sit back and join her, he decided to enjoy himself, with or without his stupid girlfriend. They get home and of course there’s another blow out between the couple and Sammi ends the show in tears, and Ronnie as pissed off as ever. I can’t wait until someone Sammi goes home, they break up, or get along like normal people would. I’ll start a drinking before a show if I know those two will start to fall out. If I’m drunk enough maybe I’ll pretend its me with Ron and not Sam.


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