New Year; New Resolution

Wow, another year has passed, and I am more than excited to start this year on a high note! How many of you have made a New Year Resolution? Some of us haven’t just given ourselves one thing to focus on, but several. For someone like me I have one New Year Resolution, and thats to remain positive and remove all negativity from my life. Okay, maybe thats two, but they both go hand in hand.

Now you may see this as being impossible, and silently saying “Well no one can be that positive all the time” and you’re right. There are days where we are all feeling off and feel as though our world is ending, but for a brief moment we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and remember that there are people who are way worse off than we are. No more will I be a person that complains about my “brutal day” or How much “so and so” makes me angry, but I’ll focus on the positive and the learning experience that came with it. As for getting rid of the negativity, unfortunately that isn’t just focusing on changing a mindset, it’ll be cutting ties with people who constantly burden me with their continual complaining, and negativity towards others. Now thats not to say I won’t be a friend when I’m needed, but I can no longer deal with the constant complaining, with no action being done about it. Hate your job? Find a new one. Hate a person? Stop associating yourself with them. Think you’re hard done to? Take a look at the bigger picture. I’m done with trying to pick people up. You’re on your own; I only want positive things in my life.

Here’s my first take on a scenario that could’ve been a big deal to someone else, but reward in the end was greater. We set out on a trip to go Wheeling out in Waiprous which was absolutely fantastic, the scenery was amazing as the tree’s were all covered in snow, it truly is something else. As we arrived to our destination we decided to go for a walk to the waterfall. Now that all sounds easy, but little did we both know that it was much further than we both remembered it being, and it had recently snowed, putting the snow height to just under our knees. The boots I wore were like 10 pound weights on each foot, not to mention the layers and layers of clothes I was wearing  added to strain. The air we breathed was much thinner to us traveling up a mountain, due to the elevation we were at. After walking at least half a kilometre the pair of us were so out of breath that we were panting and struggling to get enough air in our lungs. Now, I could’ve been mad about our trek and said forget it, lets turn around, but the reward for pushing ourselves to continue to our destination can only be described through what we saw…


Had we both been stubborn and unwilling to continue on we would not have been able to experience such beauty. Sometimes we need to push ourselves outside of what feels comfortable even in times there feels like there could be no  “reward” or  “accolades.” We walked back to camp and ended up bragging to everyone, and showing off our pictures we took and our experience, even if we were gasping for what little air we could inhale.

So I’m curious, What is your New Year Resolution?


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4 Responses to New Year; New Resolution

  1. Heather says:

    Removing the negative was the best thing I ever did for myself. You can do it! Happy New Year, Cassie! ♥

  2. Jen says:

    I agree with removing negative people from your life. I have done that with the exception of a couple family members who I have not decided yet how to deal with lol. I can’t be bothered to have people in my life that complain all the time or don’t make me happy. I have dropped many friends along the way, deleted over 50% off Facebook etc… but all for a better more positive life.

  3. my last resolution was in 2000, and that was simply to stop making resolutions and strive to be the best person I can – to both the people I care about, and to myself… so far so good! 🙂

  4. Courtney says:

    I have a few New Years resolutions but all of them are focused around me, so the focus of my new years resolutions is this year is all about me 🙂 I’m learning to be happy alone again and just finding out who I am . So here’s to 2011 the year of me 😉 Good luck with your resolution Cass, don’t worry you can keep me around cuz this is gonna be a positive year for me too!

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