Jersey Shore Season 3

Alright Folks, the day has come and Season 3 started up, I won’t lie I wasn’t as excited as I was for Season 2, simply because I figured it’d be another Sammi and Ronnie Show, and their drama between the two of them, being on again off again, was almost puke worthy.

Anyway, like I’d mentioned before its an addiction, its a car wreck and I find myself on a Thursday night, strapped in front of a TV waiting anxiously for this show to start. To quickly set the scene, Season 3 is back at the Shore house.  We’re back in Jersey Baby! Fabulous. First show, we’re introduced to a new house mate, Deena, Who is quite annoying, but there’s something awkwardly sweet about her. She’s got a high pitched, pre-pubescent little boy voice with a Jersey accent, who stands about 4 ft tall. Thats the only nice way to describe it.

Deena does make an effort to become friends with the House mates, going in with an open mind, even after being forwarned by her BFF Snooki about everyone. Sammi “Sweetheart” is a total ” C-U-Next-Tuesday” to the new roomie, and does nothing to make her feel welcome.  There’s an awkward tension between Sammi/Ronnie and the rest of the house. For the entire duration of the show, the two are found cooped up in their room, bitching and whining about “How hard done to She [Sammi] feels” Ronnie is quick to let her know He doesn’t want to hear her go on about he doesn’t know what she’s going through… Here we go again….

While those two are feeling sorry for themselves the rest of the house mates are getting acquainted with the new Roomie, playing a game of Flip Cup. She seems to fit in well as she has no problem pounding down the drinks, and stripping down to the buff as good as the rest of them. I must say, she and Snooki must be cut from the same cloth, as their first night at the shore left some of the house mates with ill feeling towards the new “rookie” (As “The Situation” calls her ) She was completely wasted by the end of the show, calling Sammi a derogatory word used to describe a woman’s genitals, Which I can say Sammi did deserve to be called out on her behaviour, although, instead of announcing it in the Kitchen, to everyone but Sammi, she should’ve said it to Sam’s face. Of course the Knight and Shining Armour comes barreling down the stairs to defend himself, not his Girlfriend, a verbal fight between Ronnie and Deena takes place, only to have Sammi in the picture moments later of course adding her two cents in.

Pauly, Vinny and Mike have all taken a back seat, watching the fight go on, and stepping in once J-woww gets involved jumping to the defence of her new BFF, egging Sammi on to throw a punch. Sammi then throws a taunting punch although doesn’t make the connection, it was more of a tease than anything. J-Woww takes that as a threat ultimately begins throwing fists, putting up the worst chick fight on the show to date.

I think at this point the show has done a good job at replacing Angelina, with an equally feisty Deena. Will there be more Drama? You bet. I’m curious to see if Sammi lasts the entire season, and will this season turn into the Ronnie and Sammi show if she sticks around. If so, I think I’ll call it quits on the show.

Whats your impression of the latest edition to the cast? Will this season be another Ronnie and Sammi Show?


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