Priority Parking

This past weekend I was out galavanting through the city to various places getting some last minute Christmas Shopping done. As we are all aware parking is the biggest pain on the planet. I was really good at finding a parking stall the furthest away from the store I was visiting, and at a time or two questioned calling a cab. Since I was making my trek through the parking lot I couldn’t help but notice all the priority parking stalls. Of course I have a thing or two to share with you on my thoughts and opinions on them. here goes…

Absolutely 100% of the time there is the Handicapped stall, that I can understand, someone disabled enough to have prioritized parking has now made it to their destination, and what an accomplishment that is, now its safer for the rest of the world to be out out driving. Thats just mean I know. Quite honestly I have nothing against people with the little wheelchair badge hanging from their rear views, giving them the priority parking they require. I’m a little bit jealous to be truthful. On the – 45 days that I’ve got to park my car at the end of lot, and run what feels like a marathon with mini ice hurdles and do a quick acrobatic act when I step on the icy spot; just to keep myself from falling ass over tea kettle, I’m jealous of those who just pull in and walk 10 steps to the entrance. Whatever. I’d rather see myself fall than someone who may already have enough issues of their own than further their ailments because they had to park far away.

Then recently, and by recent I mean a handful of years ago came along the “Pregnant Mothers or Mothers will small children” or “Family Parking” Whatever you want to call it, I can see why they’ve done it sure, do I necessarily agree that they deserve a priority parking stall… Not entirely, do I think it needs to go, not at all; having not ever been pregnant, I guess I don’t appreciate these stalls. I know the different changes the body goes through, I was informed from others, swollen feet, smaller ability to hold ones bladder, back pain, etc. I get that, I do. But to be honest if you’re in that much pain why not just stay at home? I get it too that you all have to live your life and life goes on regardless of how swollen your feet are. I hate to bring  to the forefront (Ok, maybe I don’t— that much) But in our generation everything is a “convenience” we’ve had a lot of things handed to us, by our parents, whether its paying for an education, providing additional funds for rent or whatever your situation falls into (not to say everyone was treated that way, but many of us were/are). Our parents worked for everything thing they (and we) have, our Pregnant mothers walked from whatever location they could park in, took their time to get to the destination, and made it there and back alive. I don’t think the extra walk will do you any harm for yourself or the baby.  Again I don’t think it’s fair to have these stalls removed entirely, I think we just need to be smarter about where we are placing them. Outside a liquor store? Maybe not. Outside a Grocery store? Sure.

Hybrid parking. This one actually irritates me. Priority parking for those who’ve purchased a vehicle that is “more green” than the rest gets a parking stall closest to the front of the store? Are you kidding me? They’re putting less emissions out into our world so shouldn’t they get parking at the end of the lot? If we didn’t have our gas guzzling, pollution machines running any longer than necessary, we wouldn’t be creating more pollution. Again I don’t think the hybrids are a bad idea, but I do think its completely asinine to offer priority parking to those car owners and make the rest of the world find stalls on their own.  If you want to be REALLY green, walk, or ride a bike, if you ride a bike you get a priority bike stall for doing so! Whoo hoo! What about those who drive nicer cars than most middle class people do, a Mercedes, Porche, Land Rover, Lexus, etc. Why don’t they have roped off parking stalls that prevent assholes from keying or slamming doors into the sides? Maybe thats to come next. Hybrid parking stalls are a joke.

You’re probably wondering if I got all my Christmas shopping done arn’t you? Truth be told, Not all of it. Another problem I have falls with large crowds and slow walkers, the mall wasn’t the best place for me to be the busiest time of year, but maybe thats another discussion… 😉

What do you think about priority parking stalls? Should a specific car owner be put on a “parking pedestal” for their choice of vehicle?


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3 Responses to Priority Parking

  1. Mike says:

    While I drive a hybrid I have never used a priority parking spot, nor do I expect to have one available to me. In fact, last year on a visit to Ikea in CGY I parked very far away only to walk by the priority hybrid parking and laugh because I didn’t know such things existed. I understand companies “rewarding” and encouraging being more green. I am neither for or against these spots. I think the hybrid/electric priority spots may only be short lived if the availability of such cars increases, and more people begin driving them.

  2. Courtney says:

    I’ve never even seen these stalls! I think its ridiculous!! The expectant mother ones I can understand and the handicapped ones but priority parking for driving a certain car, that’s just plain foolish!

  3. Jen says:

    I only agree with priority parking for Hybrids cause I have one and if anyone should get priority parking , it’s me. I am the clumsiest person I know with no attention span so am most likely to be hit by a car. I will take advantage of the situation but would be pissed if I didn’t own one. I would just park there anyway. I park in the pregnant stall and I haven’t been pregnant for 3 years lol

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