Calling it Quits on 9-5

In the past few months I have pondered the idea of going into Self employment. I sat down with a couple financial guides and realized that I was more than capable in funding my venture. So I called it quits on working a 9-5; Literally. Once I got myself funded properly and purchased the franchise, I walked into my boss’ office and called it quits.  They were supportive of my decision, although were sad to see me go, they told me they’d rather see me do something I love, than something I hated waking up to go to. I gave work over a months notice.

I began to think about “work” and “employment.” The work I was doing was for someone else, I wasn’t benefitting from anything I was doing, maybe gaining useless knowledge about the situation, but once you learn everything there is to know about what challenges you in your current position you begin to check out. I did just that. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed working for the company I did, I loved the staff around me, but work wasn’t a challenge. Working in finances everything is very slow moving. You don’t climb the corporate ladder very fast, its a very slow and steady process, but mostly slow. Unfortunately I felt like I couldn’t find anything for me to get my hands on that challenged me anymore. I hated having the “stress” of targets and sales and didn’t feel that stressing over income for a company (that I didn’t directly benefit from) wasn’t worth my time. If I was going to sell products to a client, I want to see the benefits and cash flow of my efforts. If you didn’t meet target you had someone at your throat telling you to pull up your socks. Everything about finances is all about profit. They set targets for you to meet, that at times, can be ridiculously out of reach, sure I suppose it came with the job and the job requirement, but if I don’t love what I’m doing, I’m not going to approach it 100% full force with positivity flowing from me about the product. After continually being told “we need to do better” those sales targets became annoying and a negative part of the job.

Job is defined as the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money. Truth is anyone can do or have a job. Problem with many is they become too reliant on a job, because its comfortable, they collect a pay cheque every two weeks, but become zombies and very scheduled and routined. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat, watch tv, go to bed, repeat. Day in and day out of the same boring bullshit. I decided this wasn’t the direction or the life I wanted to live. I want to wake up every morning to something different, I want to make my own money, for me, not for someone else. Thats what solidified my decision. I was going to run a business, no longer would I work a 9-5 and collect a shitty pay cheque, and lead a life of routine. This next chapter in my life will be a challenge no doubt, but in order to succeed we need to be challenged and tested, nothing we ever want comes easy, but I’m more than willing to work my tail off to be independant and live a life I want for myself.


My business will be starting officially January 11, 2011. I’m excited and nervous all at once. Failure isn’t an option for me. I will succeed and make a living for myself, while the people I work with continue to live a 9-5 life. My efforts will be rewarded to my business, not someone else, not a group of people or to someone else’s company. As I close a chapter in my life in being an employee, I thank the universe for the opportunity to provide me stable income in order to help me pay for my endeavour. To my journey ahead, I look forward to whats to come, and accept any challenge you throw at me.


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3 Responses to Calling it Quits on 9-5

  1. Jean says:

    Very well written. Good luck, Cassie!

  2. Heather says:

    I am so excited for you, Cass! The best of luck in the new year with your new path! I’m positive you’ll kick ass.

  3. Courtney says:

    Congrats Cass!!! So excited for you, I know your going to do amazing because your a hard working ass kicker like myself 🙂

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