Online Dating…

A friend of mine the other day suggested I do online dating, simply for the fact that it would be something for me to write and laugh about. Honestly, the idea of online dating freaks me out a little bit and I am not in a situation or position that prevents me from meeting great people. I don’t think online dating is for me at this time, but dont’ knock those who are into it.

My opinions of online dating are simply based on the disaster situations that friends of mine have shared with me. Dont’ get me wrong, not all experiences have been negative, but I’ve heard enough stories that put me off the idea. I dont’ think there’s any right or wrong way to meet a person, but commonly, I find that some people are almost embarrassed or afraid to admit that they went the online dating route, but also, have friends who will willingly and freely admit that they took home a chick they met off the internet. I’m not so sure I’d like  be categorized, or even associated with these girls who want to act like little whores who put out after a first date, what fair opportunity does that leave me? I get the whole needs and wants thing, but what obstacles or challenges is the other person faced with to really win you over, if you lay it all out?  I guess I just generalized many girls on a Dating website as a slut or whatever various title you could throw on them.  I know there are respectable women who are truly looking for love, even friends of mine use the internet. My advice though; even if it is just for myself… maybe use a site you have to pay for… I think as soon as a cost is involved the standard is raised a bit more than something that comes freely. Although since I’m inexperienced with the whole thing i guess I’m really in no position to be passing an opinion… Regardless you’re still reading, so I’ll give a reason or two why I’d use a website (that I’d pay for)

The first reason being… I am in a time in my life where I’m just not meeting new people or encountering new opportunities in the dating scene. If my job had crazy hours, working nights and sleeping days for months or years at a time, I might then consider steering towards a website to help me meet someone, maybe with a similar schedule or whatever.

Another reason if I were a single parent, who was ready to start looking for love again. With kids its much harder to be going out without the Gremlins attached to your leg, with them misbehaving or acting out like kids have a tendency to do; its difficult to maintain a focused conversation with someone you’re into, and would say its much easier to jump on a computer to try to connect with someone after the kids have been put to bed, and you’ve got a bit of downtime on your side.

Again, this entry isn’t to say I believe those who are looking for love online is a bad thing, just not something I’m at a point in my life that I feel it necessary to look into, unless of course I was given a ‘dare’ and had to go out with some guy a girlfriend of mine decided on for me. But even then saying I’d only do it at this point in my life as a bet or dare would be a tease and completely unfair to the person I was being set up with, who was genuinely looking for a partner; perhaps bet or dare wasn’t the best choice of words. Regardless, maybe it will be an experience I go through, or maybe I won’t. Either way I won’t be upset, and  it doesn’t matter how I meet someone,  there will always be a great story for you, as my reader to enjoy, whether it be good or bad.


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2 Responses to Online Dating…

  1. Brady says:

    Meeting people online is for losers.



  2. Svea says:

    I met Matt online, but only by chance on a sports website, but I had tried online dating websites before meeting him. I went in with the intention on finding someone to just talk to & bond with, but nothing ever came of it – I, too, am in no position to judge. But I do believe, however, that certain “online dating” websites are questionable in what they offer & have specific intentions (hook-up websites) that you would never see me on in a million years. I guess I’m just not that wild, if that’s the word to use.

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