Weekend Get Away Disaster

This past weekend I took a trip out to Beautiful British Columbia and stayed in Downtown Vancouver.  The trip started off all but well as the person I was going with picked me up at 6:20, after we mutually agreed that 530 would be the pick up time, to leave room incase we hit the end of rush hour traffic, construction, or an accident before our flight at 730. Needless to say we were cutting it closer than I would have liked, yet made it to the departure gate in the nick of time, barely allowing me enough time to grab a Starbucks coffee.

Thankfully we weren’t seated next to one another on the flight, lord knows he’d make subtle reminders that we did in fact make it, to drive me insane and wear my patience thin. An hour and 20 mins was enough time to get over his tardiness and gave me time to cool off. Upon arrival at roughly 830 PM, I felt like we were then making a mad dash to go from the Airport to our hotel to the beautiful Pear Bistro, where we’d arranged to meet up with friends of his for dinner. The night was fabulous with lots of laughs, and endless conversation among us all. I didn’t feel out-of-place or alienated and his friends seemed to welcome me with open arms, offering goodbye hugs and well wishes after dropping us off at the hotel. The night was perfect.

The next day we woke up late, after arriving back (to the hotel) around 2 am. For whatever reason, an argument was had, about how I’d felt we wasted part of the day away sleeping; which he felt was justified as we had a late night before. I dropped it and tried to change the mood by suggesting grabbing brunch and heading off to the aquarium shortly after we’d had a bite to eat, but his mood didn’t change. We went and had a three course brunch which was absolutely amazing at Vancouver’s YEW Restaurant located in the Lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, where we stayed. In reality I may as well have gone alone, as conversation was limited to one word answers and me desperately digging to try to force conversation out of him. Eventually I gave up and began eating in silence and began sharing texts and tweets about my experience with those who seemed more interested in talking to me than the company I was with. You know when other tables are looking over at you, with questioning looks on their faces like “Why aren’t those two talking?” something is up and there is no hiding it.  After we finished he was given the bill, and I decided not to even reach for my purse to offer anything, that $100 meal was painful for me to sit through, so it’d be just as painful on his pocket-book.

We made our way to the Vancouver Aquarium, where the mood didn’t get any better, but he was now in a talking mood and like a switch it was turned on. I didn’t know what guy I was getting, so kept conversation to a minimal, engaging when I felt it was necessary, or laughing with him while we watched the otters swimming around. Still things felt off and uncomfortable. We headed down stairs to look through a giant piece of glass that held many different fishes and creatures, and I couldn’t help but picture the free willy scene where the glass breaks in the whale tank (click here to see it; FWD to about 1min) and felt like this would be a “What if it really happened”moment and mentioned it to him. Instead of laughing lightly, I instead got a sharp and direct comment about being too morbid; I later found out he had no idea about the Free Willy scene. By this point I was so mentally exhausted of carefully watching everything I said, I figured doing anything else at Stanley Park was out of the question, we hopped in a cab, headed back to the hotel where I decided to throw on the BC Lions vs Sask game in the final quarter. Since the question of “so what should we do for dinner?” had been asked about 5 times in the span of an hour I decided I’d take a quick power nap to refresh myself and maybe wake up from the nightmare of a time I seemed to be living. I had asked to be woken up in a half hours time so we could plan the evening together, after two hours I startled myself awake knowing I’d slept well over the allocated time and began to question why I hadn’t been woken up? and secondly where was he? Mind you I’d been so fed up with him that I really wasn’t overly concerned where he was. Lets fast forward to Dinner, we hit up a beautiful Sushi Restaurant where conversation was again limited and I knew now it wasn’t me, by the end of the hour and a half dinner, I felt absolutely exhausted trying to create conversation(again) or suggesting we get a picture or two together, neither of which happened. Roughly 10 PM comes by and I’m almost begging to go back to the hotel because being out in public with him was becoming more painstaking than fun, once we hit our room WWIII Breaks out and we unleash the days frustrations with one another out.

Now I’m not trying to paint a bad picture of this guy, he’s really usually super upbeat, as am I, but recently we hadn’t been clicking and I’d even suggested that he cancel my flight out and I’d pay the Cancellation fee and one nights stay at the hotel. He suggested things would work out and that we’d have an awesome time in Van. Needless to say my trip was all but awesome. He told me I’d been super negative all day; which it’s rather hard to be positive when I’m the only one talking, although I did agree saying that I wasn’t myself, and  neither was he. We agreed it wasn’t working and never had a major blow out, but simply talked and discussed our feelings and why this wasn’t going to work, or wasn’t working, and ended things then and there. He offered to get another hotel room, I didn’t see that as necessary, just an added cost neither of us really needed. So as mentioned before I said I didn’t want to go on this trip and out of left field he asks me if I’d pay for my portion, since we broke up mid way through, he didn’t feel it was fair to pay for the whole thing. Talk about Indian Giver. Needless to say I paid him outright immediately.

The next day I enjoyed Vancouver alone, going to China Town saw the Chinese Garden, Gas Town, and went to go see where the Olympic torches were. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and grabbed a ton of pictures of sights I wanted to see, and unfortunately I’m not in many shots to show I was actually there. As soon as I got to the Airport I got an apology phone call, saying he felt bad that he couldn’t meet me at the Airport to go for lunch or see me off. Whatever buddy.

Needless to say, I’d suggest going on a mini trip with someone you are in a relationship with. The stress’ of each other’s lives and everything else piled on top will give you a true feeling of where and how the relationship is going.

Question of the Blog is:

Have you had a Get-away Disaster? Secondly, do you see it fair asking someone to pay their way, after inviting them beforehand on the trip all expenses paid?


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2 Responses to Weekend Get Away Disaster

  1. Aaron says:

    ” Needless to say, I’d suggest going on a mini trip with someone you are in a relationship with.”

    A very true statement, I went on a 26 day backpacking trip around India with my girlfriend before deciding to propose to her (now married for the past 3 years). Having only each other to rely on in a completely foreign country really helped test our relationship and how we dealt with adversity and other situations that arose.

    Obviously not all trips need to be that extreme, but a trip anywhere can definitely help you figure out if you are truly “working” with your partner.

  2. Glen Barrett says:

    Wow! I’m glad you aren’t one of those girls who “try to stick it out”. If he hasn’t ralized it by now, he soon will, that he lost out big time! Next time you come to Van, let me know. Crossing my fingers you don’t have another get away disaster, but if you ever do end up needing an escape route here, I have a spare room. And no, I won’t charge you for gas, the room, or any food you eat. Haha

    As for your question, I have had many get-a-way disastors. Lol but never have I asked them to reimburse me if the trip turned sour after offering to pay. I might be inclined to if it was a blind date and they turned out to be a transvestite… Lol but in all seriousness, that’s a total douche move to make. Should have just said “just a second, I gotta make a phone call, I’ll be right back”, called me, I would have come saved ya, and helped you save a wad of cash. 🙂

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