Frustrations of Moving Pt 1

So, I’ll apologize now for the lack of writing. Honestly its all my fault, I know. I’ve been recently so busy trying to get things organized with moving and waiting forever on the phone; 45 minutes only to get disconnected due to a “call failed” notice. Nice. Nothing I love more than waiting 45 minutes on the phone to disconnect my shit, only to be bitch slapped a second time by a call fail. Is that EVER annoying. So I’ve dedicated one bill per day to an hour and a half call time wait. Half the time I’ve waited so long that I’m  ready for a sack session or nearly asleep and forgotten who I’m on hold for because the music is something out of a 1970’s porn film or some boring as shit elevator music. You know what I’m talking about.

The other is several ads about the company I’m calling to cancel my services with, the ads are okay, talking about bundling services, or ask the representative how to save money on your bill or something similar. I feel like asking before I cancel everything how they can
knock my bill by half and then give them the big “fuck you! I’m outta here” line; but I never do. I always politely thank them for my mediocre service they provide and never fuss over the waiting time. I’m not like some people who feel it necessary to vent my frustration to the poor customer service agent. Whatever, they probably dread every phone call they answer, so I’ll be nice enough to allow them a two-minute break before the next battle-axe bitch gets put through.

As you can imagine after a long day of work, preparing dinner and tidying up, mentally preparing myself to deal with the next phone call I’m about to make it doesn’t leave much time for writing. I apologize to those who have been asking me where my posts are, I love you for your support and your want to read my stuff; so I’ve got my work cut out for me.


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