WTF Just Happened?

Well this morning my heart broke when I heard the announcement that Casey Printers was released from the BC Lions. Although I don’t agree with the decision that was made, as a fan I’m left to deal with it.  Thanksgiving Monday’s football game left me questioning my commitment to the Lions as their fan. I have to write down how I’m feeling, so it makes me feel better; I endured the entire game, from start to finish so I believe I’m entitled to.

No sugar-coating it here. I strongly Dislike Travis Lulay. He’s terrible at seeing the field, and can’t seem to hit a pass, as the first half of the game consisted of incomplete passes, dropped balls or overthrows to the receiver. Frustrating? Highly. After the first quarter I was screaming at Wally to sub Printers in for Lulay. My wish didn’t come until the 4 quarter, because Lulay “hurt his finger.” things only went downhill from there. I’ll get to that in a minute.

To solely blame Printers is bullshit, win as a team lose as a team. Yes he threw a pass away in OT, but shit happens. If anyone who watched from the start of this season they’d know we Started off losing nearly every game, with Printers out, and our now, first string quarterback Lulay in. If we’re going to point fingers solely on QB’s; Travis lost every game he played, yet he’s still suiting up and still getting paid.

Sanchez needs to be given electric shock treatment and not get involved in fights that aren’t his. A receiving kick from the 35 yard line was embarrassing. Sanchez continued to beak off and ultimately I believe that s when the Lions lost all momentum and focus as they were ahead with an extreme lead. Somewhere in between it all we lost Lulay, and Printers came in to play. The dudes been sitting the last two games, he’s not exactly going to be as fresh as we’d all like, and resulted in a tie game. In OT Mitchell was a complete douchebag throwing his fist into one of the defencemen’s stomach. Nice one. There was a severe lack of discipline in the game and ultimately we can’t blame one person for the loss, as I’ve just provided more than one reason for it, Printers not being the only one to screw up.

So Printers threw a pass away in OT and ultimately Winnipeg capitalized on that. I was furious, still am. I believe the loss was Printers  boiling point and an opportunity to get out of something he wasn’t succeeding in. Undoubtedly being shafted to a second string QB position is a huge blow to the Ego. It was evident that there was tension between players and there’s obviously little to no connection with Lulay and the rest of his team as he can’t throw a Touchdown pass to save his life. I also disagree with todays announcement because we’re so close to playoffs, I think we may have lost all opportunity for a chance at the Grey Cup and have now created mental and emotional unrest among players.  Maybe next year we’ll have a shot, if we can find someone other than Lulay…


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