Time to Give Thanks

“Thank you.” How quickly we are to over look the words or comment, and shrug it off, we’re either too busy to acknowledge it; or don’t feel that what we did deserves a thank you.  We have a day to celebrate giving thanks I’d say that makes it pretty important! So reflect today and give thanks!

 Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about myself, others, and where I want to go. There were experiences I can’t say I enjoyed going through but there were also ones that were great. Some special thanks I would like to give out go to…

Firstly to my Family, for their continual support and for kicking my ass into gear. Without the help, guidance and discipline I’m not so sure the year would have me sitting here giving thanks to them.  My family is my rock, and until this year I never truly knew the reason why family was “the most important thing in someone life” but I get it. Not to say I didn’t love them, but I have a better appreciation for where that saying comes from. No family is perfect, there are arguments, there are times of love and laughter and times where we hold off on talking to one another; simply due to the fact some of us are stubborn, we don’t allow the issues or differences affect how we feel for one another and that’s what keeps us together. If I can show you a close to perfect family, it’d be mine. Thank you for the fabulous year and everything that came with it.

Second thanks to give are to my friends, quite frankly over this past year I’ve met a ton of new people, and in the amount of people I’ve met I’ve developed some fantastic new friendships,and budding relationships; for that I’m grateful. In good times  and in bad, my friends have been there, offering a laugh, assistance, advice, and guidance. I’ve got a variety of friends, where I quite literally see or speak to nearly every day, through text, phone call, email, or various forms of communication, and then there are the friends where we can both go for 3 months of no talking, arrange a get together and spill out our life’s story and have no problems picking up where we left off. So to my friends, Thank you for being there and creating memories and offering suggestions and advice to my past relationships, thank you for the new experiences, memories and opportunity to help me grow.

Lastly to you; the reader, if you’re reading this and don’t know who I am, or vice versa, I just want to say thank you to you, somehow we have connected through fate, or law of attraction, or whatever your belief is, and you’ve taken the time to look over this blog, taking a small look into my life, and I appreciate you and thank you for that. We are so rushed in our lives always trying to get as much as we can done that we don’t stop to smell the roses. Think of this as your rose, and although roses can’t speak or think I, as the writer can, and thank you.

Happy Thanks giving to all of you, and please, share something you are thankful for, may it be a fabulous book someone lent you, a kick ass pair of pumps, a great opportunity, let me know. Just remember to stop and smell that rose today.


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One Response to Time to Give Thanks

  1. Courtney says:

    So very thankful that my cousin finally got the call for his lung transplant on thanksgiving! He’s doing great so far since the surgery and hopefully he continues with his recovery

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