Bottom Feeders

How many of you have been in a relationship, and when things start to go sour or you hit a rough patch, there seems to be that one person (or persons) who are always overly supportive, offering you guidance and a shoulder to cry on, or putting down your significant other, as if doing that will somehow make you want to date them instead?

I can’t think of a better name for these people except “Bottom Feeders,” and no I’m not talking about fish. These people  thrive on picking up the pieces of a shattered relationship, or a soon to be shattered relationship. I recently had an experience with one of these BF’s my situation was upsetting and confusing for me, and the last thing I needed during that time was the desperate attempts of a “feeder” trying to pick me up or win me over. A big message to whatever guy finds themselves in this position, if you think for one second that your desperate attempts to pick someone up when they’re feeling down, you stand corrected, we don’t actually care about shacking up with you, we’re currently trying to deal with our own issue, not what “great” advice you feel you have to offer. Either be a friend, or don’t be anything at all. If you chose to get involved, don’t get involved in it if you’re looking for something in return, most respectable women aren’t going to give out “thank you” sex, to show our appreciation for your ‘great advice’  or because we want to get over our Ex. It’s in hard times I realize who really is a good friend, and who’s just seeking my attention. My friends are fantastic and couldn’t appreciate them any more than I already do, for those bottom feeders, the attention you wish to attract to yourself has me turning my anger away from what initially upset me, onto you, and your pathetic self. Attracted? I am not. 

From my experiences these “bottom feeders” have been men with no balls when it comes to handling a situation, they’ve previously been walked all over by an ex-girlfriend or girls they’ve been seeing and feel the need to whine and complain to whoever is willing to listen to them about how hard done to they are, which has them reciting the “Nice guys finish last” line. To me a nice guy finishes first, the ones who are open to sharing their love and open to receiving it, the ones who are supportive, who don’t give a damn what others think of them, and often times march to the beat of their own drum. I don’t mean in the sense that they noticeably stand out, with piercings, tattoo’s or fashion choices, although they might. “Bottom feeders” often times tell you how great of a guy they are, how romantic they have been in the past, how much effort they’ve put into a relationship, notice how everything is past tense? There is a big difference in telling me how you act, or what you do, how great you are, or whatever other sales technique you wish to use on me, versus Showing me or proving it to me. I shouldn’t need to be sold on going out with someone, I should want to, based on our connection through conversation and/or physical attraction, past tense speech just sounds like an old story, and I’m looking to start a new book with someone else, not pick up where you left off in yours.


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  1. Courtney says:

    *clap clap* Well said!!!

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