I Hate Goodbyes

Over the past year I’ve had to say Goodbye to many close friends and it never gets easier saying it. I’m the type of person that even if I’m only dropping someone off at the airport for them to board a plane to a beach vacation or for a work trip, there will be tears. I may not cry immediately, but the drive back is a long one from the airport and that’s when the waterworks start. I’m entirely aware that I will see them again, but for whatever reason Goodbyes get me choked up. Any time I part ways with someone I’ll say “See you later” or other various parting phrases, but rarely do I ever say goodbye.

Goodbye to me feels like confirmation that I’ll never see someone again. Many times that is a hard thing for me to swallow, so goodbye parties for me are commonly a no-go, regardless of our relationship may you be a  friend, colleague or family member, I likely won’t be attending. I realize that by not attending a going away, the person leaving may be insulted, hurt, or upset, but trust me its best I don’t attend. When I truly care about the person, I’m an emotional wreck, the last memory I want spent with that person I want to be as a good one, not me crying in front of their friends or our mutual friends because I can’t control my emotions.

So if my future has me packing my bags and moving, expect no going away events, the memories that Each of us share, should be what is remembered. To those of you leaving for a new place, know that I will never forget you nor have forgotten you, as in heart in mind you will always remain.


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One Response to I Hate Goodbyes

  1. Courtney says:

    Awww friend I feel so honored that you came to my going away party now!

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