Men vs. Tampons

Alright, so how many of you have seen the commercial with the girl standing outside a store, asking men to run in and grab her a box of tampons? If not, click here the men each react differently offering alternative solutions, and a look of complete disgust comes over them when she asks them this ‘horrifying’ question.

I get it if a dude has an immense fear of heights or flying or something, but what is this “fear” of Tampons. I watched this commercial with my roommate who is male, and he immediately got uncomfortable when I commented “What is the big deal with you men and tampons?” I never did get an answer, except an awkward eyebrow raising facial expression. Since then I’ve asked a few men the same question. I’ve received answers such as “The girl should get them herself, its her issue” – our issue? as if we purposely command our bodies to do what they do. I’d say our “Issue” is almost comparable to the random erections men get, boy if we freaked out every time our Significant other got one of those, we too would have permanent facial displacement of complete disgust. (much like the look they give us for even mentioning the “T” word).

Another answer I got was “EW SICK, I don’t want to go down that aisle ever” “Ew sick?” I now see why we women are left to handle the task of picking up a cardboard box, along with child-birth, raging hormones, and the change of life, because I can’t imagine what those would be described as. I’m not really sure what picking up a cardboard box off the shelf is going to do to a man, buying tampons don’t kill us women, it doesn’t have any sex changing, demasculating chemical mixed into the box, so you should be ok. If you think the 16-year-old cashier gives a shit what you’re buying you’re mistaken, the only thing she may turn her nose up at is “anti itch cream” or Viagra (when you’re not 60+). When you ask us to pick up a box of condoms, you don’t hear us whine or complain and put up some fuss about how picking up a box, that we don’t need, is going to have people judging us and that “other ‘women’ will think we’re whipped!” My retort to that request from now on will be  “You wanna get laid, buy them yourself” at least until you swallow whatever invisible pride it is that prevents you from buying Kotex.

Dont get me wrong not all men are anti tampon purchasers, I’d say maybe 1/12 people I’ve asked, said they didn’t care. Probably a smart decision, we’re more irritable at the time of the month anyway, argue with us, and you may have no testicles left. Those tampons? You might want to just go get them, save yourself an argument, and be “the man” we brag to our girlfriends about, brownie points, boys.

So my question is, What is the phobia of buying tampons?

Let me know, feed back is always appreciated!


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One Response to Men vs. Tampons

  1. Courtney says:

    This is one of those questions that constantly baffles me too!!

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