Elbow Falls Day Trip

Well its been a while since I wrote about any of my own experiences, and it hasn’t been due to a lack of outings or anything of the like, I just didn’t know what to write, or how to write it. Instead of thinking how to write it, I’ll just say it like it happened.

We took a trip out to Elbow Falls out in Kananaskis Country – a little day trip that consisted of myself, my mum and their little dog Baxter. For the longest time I’d been thinking about going, since the last time I was out there was roughly 12 years ago; I love water falls and feel a sense of peace when I’m around them. I won’t lie, due to personal things going on, I needed a day to just disconnect from my life and enjoy my surroundings.  Coincidently enough the weather was over cast and slightly chilly, I wasn’t sure if this was some sort of ironic comparison to my mood and my feelings that day, but none the less we packed a picnic lunch, loaded up the car and took a 45 minute drive out to Bragg Creek, periodically questioning my directions along the way.

Upon arriving I think there was the three of us, and maybe a total of 8 other people around the falls, just enjoying the scenery and the company of who they were with.  The River was gorgeous, the trees were still a very deep green with little to no signs of fall coming at all.  After going for a short walk which consisted of following a couple of the paths and heading down to a shallow part of the river for the dog to play we stopped for lunch. Afterward we headed up to the lookout area by falls and grabbed a few photo’s before taking off, due to the temperature dropping and us being under dressed; okay maybe I was the only one under dressed.

All in all, it was a great day, excellent company, lots of laughs and just what the doctor ordered! 😉

I would certainly recommend going in the summer when it’s slightly warmer out and when the water is higher. Many paths and trails to explore and plenty of gorgeous photo opportunities. As soon as fall hits Calgary I’m going to take a second trip out to go see the different colors on the trees. Something as beautiful as this is right in our backyard, no excuse not to soak it up and enjoy!


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