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So often I get asked “Why do you love the Lions so much?” As an Alberta born and raised girl it baffles my family and friends why I wouldn’t cheer for our Local team the Calgary Stampeders, but choose to cheer for BC Lions. Truth be told I don’t believe there is any rhyme nor reason why I choose to cheer for them, other than my true obsession with the province of BC. 

I think my obsession for football really hit when I was in Highschool, I grew up in a town that bred Football players, and if you weren’t a football player then you were in the stands cheering. Once highschool finished up, I needed an outlet to carry on my passion for football, and that’s when I adopted the Lions as my team. I think the transition was an easy one, since Wally Buono had just left Calgary(who I reluctantly cheered for); and what a great coach he was for them, BC would be (what I thought) the next best team. I went to Highschool with Jacques Chapdelaine’s kids and felt like since I knew him and what he was about, go for a coach you are familiar with than one you know nothing of. Ever since I’ve supported both Wally and Jacques with the Lions. 

I have a strong obsession with Casey Printers (#1, in my heart, but also on the field; literally) he is an amazing Athlete, not afraid of running the ball, or even offering a block; so one of his players can run the ball to the Endzone. Although being on the Lions hasn’t exactly highlighted his career, the guy can throw, and he can run, but this year his big problem seems to be his Offensive line, and lack of abilities to provide safety for the main man. This season started off anything but great, with Printers out early in the first part of the season due to injury, the Lions have struggled to stay alive, although upon his return have put forth some outstanding results; playing Calgary and keeping what would be a blow out – usually, to a closer game than expected. Two weeks later, we’re working on upping our game back at a level we contend in, beating out Hamilton and Toronto.  This is a sign of good things to come (or my delusions seem to tell me they are).  Has BC finally found their groove? I sure hope so. 


Don’t get me wrong like any relationship there are times where I’m less than impressed with my Lions, whether that means I yell at Wally, screaming at him to Challenge a play, or Screaming at my boy Printers for throwing a less than impressive throw to someone completely covered. Also, like a relationship there are times for celebrations too, where I’m hooting and hollering when the play is a great one. Regardless of how they do, I’ll be there to provide as much support to them as much as I can, good times and in bad. If you’re questioning why I just compared football to a relationship, I’ll tell you right now, that when summer/spring hits, these boys are probably the only guys I’ll actually commit to, not stand up or bail out on. Why just Summer/Spring? Winter comes, and my other boyfriend needs me, the Canucks! I am female after all, and we need someone to be committed to us too! 😉 

Less than Sober me with Ex BC Lion Daved Benefield




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One Response to CFL BC Lions

  1. Courtney says:

    Feel the same way bout Football Cass but ya know I’m all about the Stamps and Burris 🙂

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