Negative Nancy’s

Ever notice how quick we are to “Hate” someone or something? It takes us so much to muster up enough courage to “Love” someone, or confess that we may like something that another might not. I’ll admit I’m not one to confess my love for someone else, or even admit that I might actually enjoy a Justin Bieber song… or two so easily. When I was younger, anytime one of us would use the word hate, we were always told “Hate is a very strong word, chose to use that word wisely” of course at the age of 5 what kid doesn’t “hate” a certain vegetable?

Sure, hate is a strong word that seems to flow freely off our tongues, but Love is a strong word too, and seems to scare us all when we hear it from another, yet hate has us unphased, and assists us in expressing how we feel about something. I’m not sure if its ‘cool’ to hate, or ‘geeky’ to like/love something, if it is, I’ll be a geek.

I’ve decided to change my way of thinking and try to look at everything in a positive light, and start liking things before ‘hating’ them. I’ll still be super Critical, but I vow not to hate so fast and love too slow.


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One Response to Negative Nancy’s

  1. Courtney says:

    I don’t like to use the word hate because I don’t ever feel that negatively about someone. The most I will feel for someone is strong dislike its not worth my time or energy on such negativity as hate.

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