“Crazy women” Sound like you? Quick Synopsis

Often times we women get deemed as crazy at one point or another in the beginning, middle or end of a relationship. Men get off way too easy if you ask me, but that’s an entirely different discussion. 

In the beginning, its pretty easy to figure out if you’re getting played by a guy, if you only serve one purpose to him, and that call comes at 11 pm or later, it’s not a relationship, and don’t let yourself believe it is.  Booty call. When you two first met he was looking for a relationship, that’s what he told you right? You text all day long, arrange to see him later than evening but don’t get a real answer, he could be busy, playing hard to get, or not seeing you as “girlfriend” material.  You’re pretty into him though, so you continue to send out messages and leave cute voicemails for him, but in return you get vague responses, late responses, or nothing. Once you realize your calls or texts aren’t getting returned in a timely manner you slowly become agitated, you begin questioning him on why he doesn’t return your calls until 2 am (which you pathetically answer – incase he’s either gotten in a car accident and your number is the only one he can remember, or he has to get ahold of you, and RIGHT NOW! – for one reason only). You have no reason to question what he does, and eventually he stops calling you all together, but your crazy ass picks up the phone, calls seven times, leaving two voice mails, and just incase that didn’t work, send a text message or two; first ones acting like you care if he’s “ok” and the next few texts calling him an asshole. You just became a super clinger crazy bitch. Happy? Don’t expect a call back.

So you two have made it official you’re dating! Now you’ve either just recently started dating or have been in it together for a while, and things are as good as ever. Then one day for whatever reason you start reading his facebook, twitter and text messages, just to make sure he’s being loyal to only you. You begin to over analyze every little thing he says to his boys, or if he communicates with a girl, you assume immediately he’s shacking up with her on nights you aren’t there. Granted you could be a less invasive girlfriend and just hit the time of the month; hormones are changing and you grow agitated about little things that normally wouldn’t bother you like the dishes not being put away that day or you make a massive scene in public because he  stepped on a crack, and “broke his mothers back.” That analogy may sound crazy and ridiculous to even write, but I assure you as being a woman myself and knowing other women, stepping on crack may set something off – okay probably not, it may be something equally as minor though. These outbursts can only be blamed on PMS for so long before your man doesn’t even want to deal with you. See ya crazy lady! His parting gift? A Cat.

The end of a relationship for anyone shows someone’s true colors in how everything is handled. Maybe it was a mutual break up, and things end fine, you remain friends and hold no remorse. Of course this entry isn’t for the women with integrity and poise, whoops! Instead the relationship ends horribly, he broke your heart, one way or another, by cheating on you or dumping you, whatever the case is. Your reaction to his actions speak loud and clear, you go announcing to everyone what a jerk he is, how small his penis is and how he never satisfied you, then you pull a Carrie Underwood song and go taking a baseball bat to his car, and slash out his tires. At this point I’m not even sure he’s the only one thinking your crazy, your friends, family and even the police may think so too.

Only advice to “crazy women” I can offer is don’t assume there’s a relationship when there isn’t; if you think there was but aren’t sure, don’t ever assume. No matter how much he’s angered you, take the higher road, sure it didn’t end how you wanted it to, but he’ll get his own back if you handle it with integrity; being the woman scorned isn’t cute and since your single, you have no time to waste on getting your next great catch!


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