Stronger than Yesterday

Stronger than Yesterday came about when I met a highschool friend coffee about a year ago. We’d both recently lost a highschool friend of ours and had both lost touch over the years, and the funeral was a sad reuinion but we both agreed that we’d get together in the following weeks.

The day we met up for coffee we talked about our late friend, how our lives had been going in the years we’d lost touch and how they were currently going.  We both discussed our current relationship troubles and offered eachother advice for one another and the different situation each of us faced. He had just gotten out of a relationship, and when I asked how he was doing, he told me that he was “Stronger than Yesterday.” When I asked him to elaborate on that he told me that when they first broke up, he was distraught, upset and lost, but as each day passed he grew stronger, thus coming up with “Stronger than Yesterday.” Ever listen to someone talk to you and in conversation its like someone has taken a giant highlighter and highlighted a word or phrase that has stuck out to you? For me this was one of those moments. Since he brought it up it allowed me to share my thoughts on it, and I informed him at the time that it truely moved me, and it’d be nothing I’d forget.

Although I couldn’t compare heartbreak to his, as I hadn’t been in the same situation he had, but there were many different situations we could use this phrase for, from heart break to recovery or in a bad spot, the lifes challenges we’re faced with, it seemed to fit. I truely believe that although we may be faced with the same situation on more than one occasion, we will be stronger facing it a second, third or more times, than we were origionally. When we first experience a situation, good, bad, awkward, great, whatever, we are overcome with emotions, we may be confused, or unsure on how to handle the situation but as time goes on and we experience it over again it gets easier. In any of those situations, for me,  I never had a word or phrase to tell myself, I knew I was growing stronger as the days went by, the words or realization something was over or accomplished or being accomplished  never had a word or phrase to define it, other than the cliche terms that are fabricated for us as individuals to rest our feelings on, words that may mean one thing to someone but nothing to another. Stronger than Yesterday was perfect for me, and I haven’t stopped using it and will continue to, to get me through the times I feel like there’s no end in sight or even in days of celebration.

What is your mantra or affirmation? If you don’t have one, who or what do you rely on to get you through a good time,or rough patch? A god? Phrase? Share!

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2 Responses to Stronger than Yesterday

  1. Courtney Turcotte says:

    That is inspirational! There are times in my life that instead of just saying “fine” when someone asked that this would have been the right response for how I was actually feeling. I will remember this for future rough patches 🙂

  2. John Tyler says:

    I like that phrase, Stronger than Yesterday. It’s the best way to take our life experiences and learn from them, and keep moving forward!!!

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