Few things you may not know about “The Situation”

Well its been a few days since I added anything new I’ve had major writers block, and so I did what I do best and put google up to the challenge on finding out some dirt on a Jersey Shore cast member who hasn’t made many tabloids. Mike “The Situation” Did you know the guy is worth about 5 Million? I didn’t, until I did I little investigating on my own to figure out how a guy like him is work so much. Listed below are just a few of the reasons why he’s worth so much.

1. Jersey Shore – He makes a killing off the show alone. 60k and episode, and also charges an appearance fee ranging from 15-50k. Must be nice; I just don’t understand why one would pay anything to have him show up anywhere. He isn’t hot, and sure isn’t a positive role model for anyone; after the show and appearance fee’s he’s made about 1 million . Don’t think I’ll put “Party with “The Situation” on my bucket list anytime soon, I think I’ll make do without… Snooki on the other hand… I could party with her, I might even wait in a line to enter the club… and I don’t do lines.

2. Work out DVD’s – Are we surprised? Not really. Did you know before he got his call to be on the Show Mike was  an Assistant Manager at a Gym, making about $39,000?  This guy is a good investment! He can turn 39 k to a million in one year. I won’t lie, I think his Abs are decent, but I’m so not an ab girl, big arms, hell yes. Unless I’m going to be cleaning clothes with a washboard, I have no desire or interest in abs.

3. Vodka.  Thankfully he doesn’t have his own vodka, but he is an official spokesperson for Devotion Vodka, oh, and for signing 400k. Not a bad deal. I’d rep Smirnoff if I were given 400k just for signing. I’m a big vodka fan and it’s certainly my vice when it comes to drinking. Although I’m more of a fan of Grey goose or Kettle one, I may actually be inclined to try this stuff out, but by no means will I go out of my way to purchase it. Before I’d never even heard of the Vodka, so if that’s the case, jacked up prices for a mediocre ‘vodka I’ll pass on.

4. Iphone App/Rap song/Vitamin water – okay, so that’s more like 4,5,6, sue me. The iphone app I couldn’t believe, in all honesty I don’t even know what it’s about, other than some foursquare stalking device. I don’t care where he’s partying, Pauly -D on the other hand… I’ll foursquare stalk him. Rap song, yes you’ve heard me right. Click here, if you wanna hear it. Not my genre of music,  and I only listened to about 30 seconds and wanted to rip out my ear drums. Vitamin Water, the dudes sponsoring some unhealthy shit, click here

5.Bobble Head and trademarked clothing GTL- 7,8. I’ve checked out the bobble head, it looks nothing like him, it’s actually probably better looking than him. So trade up your hula girls, and put The situation on your dashboards! Okay, so my number 1 obsession is the GTL and MVP, I want a t-shirt of each for Christmas, so whoever wants to be my Santa Claus, I’ll leave my door open on December 24 – girls medium, and black please!

6. GNC supplements– I don’t even know what GNC is, other than some supplement store in the mall, with ridiculously fit and hot men in them. So, again, not sure why Mike is invited into a hot men only establishment. I’d imagine if you take this you’ll have your own “situation” – good god, who cares, just focus on your arms and less on your abs, then call me.

7.Reebok – With all the working out and supplement taking, you’re gonna have to look fly (is that even acceptable to say in 2010?) Reebok track suits, shorts, tee’s and shoes, you’ve got to be properly decked out if you want to achieve the same kind of body. To be honest, Reebok is my first choice in athletic footwear, but now I’ll feel like a follower if I go in to purchase a pair of runners. I’ll make the switch to Underarmour so I come across as more of an individual.

8. Autobiography – Seriously… at the age of 29 and becoming an over night celebrity what in Gods name has he got to share that would interest me? Fist pumping and getting chicks? Not so sure I need to read up on that.  Someone check out the book for me and give me a quick Rundown on the guy, that I don’t already know.

9. Dancing with the stars – I Guess if Kate Gosselin can do it, so can he. I’m not a fan of the show, and just because he’s on it, I won’t start watching it. Sounds to me like the show is doing it to gain more followers or viewers, good for them, wonder how much his appearance fee per episode is.

There’s a few more facts about Mike that you may not have known. Although I can’t give exact numbers on everything, all of the things listed above rounds out to (give or take) 5 Million. Wonder why he’s been out of the media? He’s one of the most unspoken about in tabloid magazines, because if he slips up, he loses out on almost all of his endorsements. For 5 Million, I’d shut up too.  I’ll just say right now, that since he’s single, I’ll gladly show up to different events being labeled as his girl, just so long as I too can charge an appearance fee. Paper bags exist and so does the power to turn off lights, so I’ll do whatever I need to, hell, maybe he can even endorse paper bags (with my help of course)… obviously because he’d pack a mean lunch….

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