Unfit parents; According to me.

 I was reading in this mornings newspaper (Calgary Sun; not my first choice, but it was the only copy of the newspaper close by) a story about Shelby Hurchak, the 18-year-old who killed her 26 day old baby boy, for those of you unfamiliar with the story, click here.

The article infuriated me further as I began to read, and after finishing it part of me wanted to give the little bitch (Shelby) a small piece of my fis — mind.  Although I don’t believe throwing punches or really talking to this girl will help the problem it may make myself feel better. It sickens me knowing her parents were in the other room, and that her mother had to make the 911 call. I began to think further of instances that I’ve seen or heard about, where people who have kids really shouldn’t have them. It upsets me greatly that people who are deserving of children are unable to have them. Whereas these unfit hooligans (for lack of a better word) are off shooting babies out as quickly as the Crazy mother off 19 Kids and Counting and are unable to take care of or provide for these children.

As sad as I may feel for those unable to have children, I feel the sorriest for the child, unfortunately in most (but not all) cases they don’t stand much of a chance at amounting to anything past what their parents are. Everyone we are around, guided by, or associated with, are all different “building blocks” to our life, what does a 14 – 19-year-old bring to the table? Who do they associate themselves with that ultimately the child will be raised around? Are they positive people who will help the child grow to their absolute best? I think in most cases in order to really answer that question fairly is to evaluate each individual separately, in this recent case, had the baby remained unharmed, the likelihood of him amounting to anything spectacular would only be a dream.  I’m basing my opinion solely on the 18-year-old mother, whose actions speak volumes about her ability to raise a child.  I don’t think all teenage parents are failures and that their kids will amount to nothing, I know plenty of young, single parents whose kids are growing up just fine, but it has also come at a cost, lots of hard work and dedication. Most teens barely remember to brush their teeth in the morning, can’t imagine what remembering to change a childs diaper would take, other than others noses turning away before they realized anything was wrong. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I silently judged teen moms, I ask myself two questions: Why didn’t they use a form of birth control? (teen pregnancy’s are 100% avoidable) Second question: What kind of life are you going to provide for your child? Granted its none of my business what the answers to either of those questions are, but I’d love to get an answer.

Teens are one thing, and we all make mistakes, some larger with bigger consequences, where as others are small. The second thing that makes me upset about people having kids who don’t deserve them, are the ones who cannot provide for themselves, yet believe bringing another mouth to feed in is a good idea. The ones who rely on government funding  and have a constant hand out, as if we, the rest of the world are to not only provide for them, but their dependant as well. I know for damn sure it wasn’t me who brought either parent nor child into this world, so why the hell should I support their unmotivated ass’ with my tax dollars? Own up to your responsibilities and I’ll provide you with as much support as I can, whether that’s babysitting, or whatever that gives the parent a bit of freedom (providing i know them) but do not give me a story of “how hard done to you are” Hard done is people in africa starving, or those who are living in war zones,  not enough money, is a problem, not hard done to. Like I said I’ll give credit when credit is due, but I’m sick of constantly paying for people’s fuck ups. Hows about paying the regular population whose shit is together a “thank you tax?” Of course that idea is obviously one that’s far off and not likely to ever happen, but a girl can dream.

Adoption or Abortion, depending what your belief is, there are plenty of alternatives to “accidents” that happen, killing a child is no accident, Harchuk could still be living as a regular semi-adult teen had she sought out different options and had educated herself on them. Selfish thing she could have done was keep her baby, when there were plenty of eligible and excellent parents looking to adopt and offer a life that child damn well deserved.

Questions, comments, feedback are all welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read my entry!

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