Episode 3, Season 2

So I missed the first two shows for blogging, better late than never!

This show started off a complete shit show, with Angelina pissing off the only two house mates that “liked” her (may have been an act on their part). She slapped Pauly in the face THREE times and played the crazy gf card (listen bitch, you aren’t dating either Pauly or mike, so fuck off). the boys were obviously less than impressed and Angelina was quickly “cut” from hanging with them. The stupid bitch woke up the next morning claiming to not remember what happened. (I’ve used that excuse before too, when completely mortified)

“The Situation” shows his caring side, and requests that the girls of the house take Angelina out, because the boys just “can’t GTL it with her” and she needs to fit in with the girls. That night they all head to the club and Angelina is found sitting alone, but my girl Snooki is there to remind Angelina that they’re a family, but she’s not in the family. Angelina “squashes” the problem and tells Jwoww and Snooki that she talked shit about them, and to my surprise the girls accept her apology.

So I’m confused…. Are Ronnie and Sammi only together and “coupley” when Ronnie is sober? After the club scenes I just watched, I’d say yes. Snooki told Ronnie that he, needed to tell Sam about making out and creeping on that girl, and he politely responded by giving her a good shove. Way to keep it Classy Ron. Snooki, you and crazy drunk men don’t mix, but at least this time you didn’t end the night bleeding or left with a fat lip.

To be honest I’m so done with Sammi’s constant crying and her being so dramatic about what Ronnie said to her. Grow up chicky, Ronnie is a creep and will creep.

Prior to snooki and Vinny’s little hook up(or not), she drunkenly knocks the table over, which I won’t lie I had a sudden burst of laughter. After just talking to her boyfriend, Snooki and Vinny head to the bedroom where she then and asks Vinny “Wanna f***?” Let’s face it, what guy do you know that would say no to that question (don’t get difficult with me here by throwing arguments saying “she could have two heads etc. Snooki is semi decent, go with that standard)

I’m not sure what kind of drunk these people get to the point of blacking out. I’ve never not known what my actions were, but these jerk offs (I’m picking up on their language) seem to do it daily. I want a little bit of what they’re having from time to time.

I loved the MVP idea. Pretty innovative. Stupid Angelina has always gotta ruin shit and try to tag along. Give the boys a night out you silly bitch, or you get ditched and have to go to the pool hall and have no fun. The boys end up taking home some “grenades” and do the usual routine of bringing the girls home and heading for the hot tub. I just don’t get it, there’s nothing cute looking like a wet dog, for me personally, I don’t want anyone seeing me with wet hair and running makeup. These guys really should skip the hot tub and either send these girls packing, or just get with them.

Show ends with Ronnie being the shitty boyfriend as usual and ditching Sammi to go creep on girls.

What do you think Snooki and Jwoww should do? Tell Sammi or let her find out on her own?

Give me your opinion!

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