Dear Sammi “Sweetheart”

Dear Sammi “Sweetheart”

Out of all the guido’s and guidettes you are probably the only one who is most like their nickname. Now not 100% of the time because no ones perfect, you’re probably sitting at about 75% though. You were sweet and innocent upon first arriving, getting along with everybody, flirting with the boys and genuinely enjoying your new place. I’m not sure why you chose Mike in the first episode (before quickly backtracking) was it because he gave you the most attention first? Surely your standard is a bit higher than that? You did prove to me it was, shortly after running to Ronnie. (which seriously, good choice)

You landed a “decent” guy, but then became totally dependent on him. I’m surprised you were able to breathe for the brief moments he was out of the house. You were like his little lap dog, and lived up to that. Wherever Ronnie was you were, and as soon as he left you (10 ft) you were chatting up someone else. Same thing must’ve happened when Mike went to get a drink right? You were making out with Ronnie within minutes.  You Huss! I don’t have a ton to write to you about simply due to the fact that I barely saw you. You were too busy getting into arguments with Ronnie about him looking at a girl weird, not being affectionate enough toward you or starting fights for him (Remember the boardwalk?) or you two were confined to the bedroom, I`m totally okay with that, didn`t have to listen to your annoying voice or hear the next complaint. I hope you two are finished for good, because I don’t know if I could handle in Season 2, “The Sammi and Ronnie show.” After watching another episode I felt the need to write more to you.  I don`t particularily like you so as you can imagine this is quite difficult.

Episode Three of the new season was extremely painful and pathetic. You are way too needy, and way too forgiving of Ronnie. He called you a bitch and you went off crying, like one, where he was then able to have his own fun for the night. We watched you in the cab whining about how he treats you etc, yet when he arrives you allow him to crawl into bed with you. What is the matter with you?? Honestly, you annoy me so much, that it almost makes the show super off putting (more than it already is) and quite frankly you deserve the use and abuse you get. If you can help yourself, no one will. Get a head on your shoulders, and wake up and realize the run around you`re recieving.

If we could treat the show like Big Brother, and I was a house guest I`d seriously pull all my strings to have your ass voted off, before Angelina`s. Now thats saying something.

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