Buckler Farm!

As a last minute spur of the moment decision we headed out to Buckler Farm. I’m not entirely sure how we chose this destination, but I’m glad we took the trip out to take on a great “Upick” experience.

Buckler Farm has been in the Buckler family for 3 Generations and back in 2005 celebrated 100 years of farming along with the Alberta Centennial. That’d put the farm at 105 years old this year!

Upon arriving to the farm we drove down a one way Gravel and grass road where we then turned off into the parking lot, which was a beautiful patch of grass accompanied by a few random vehicles that’d been parked there for some time. Once getting out of our vehicle we were greeted by a lovely lady, who informed us of where things were located and supplied us with a few pails and some plastic bags

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After the quick briefing we were off to go pick some produce! It was a great time, the weather was beautiful, and company we were in was great. After about an hour and a half of picking out various things each of us had wanted it was time to go. Part of me cringed when it was time to go tally up our totals, produce is expensive in a grocery store, can you blame me for thinking otherwise? I was pleasantly surprised after weighing a bucket of peas, a bucket of strawberries, bouquet of dill, green onion and lettuce all came out to under $15. Although I had to do the grunt work, pick my food, I believe its a small price to pay for such natural and fresh ingredients.

Depending where you’re coming from the trip can be a bit lengthy, but if you’re looking for a nice road trip to escape the city and just enjoy the outdoors then time will not be an issue. Its certainly worth the drive.


From Cochrane, Alberta:
Go North on HWY 22 (Cowboy trail) for 25 KM

Take a right at Township Road 283 and follow for 2.2 KM and you will see the Buckler farm sign (posted above) Be sure to drive slow!

From Airdrie, Alberta:
Go West on Big Hill Springs until HWY 22

Take a right onto HWY 22 and drive 14.8 KM

Turn Right onto Township Road 283 follow along and Buckler sign will be on the right.


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