Dear DJ Pauly D


Dear DJ Pauly D

Immediately when I saw you come onto the show, I thought you were a family member of a Gotti. I still think it may be necessary to run a DNA test for confirmation.  It wasn’t because of your hair that I wanted to associate you in the same category I just feel you all look alike and carry some of the same obnoxiousness they do. Although I suppose there’s enough evidence to support that you aren’t a Gotti, they actually can achieve the goal of getting good looking girls and well with the amount of “Grenades” and “Landmines” you have a tendency of hooking up with…

I’m not sure you know what “hot girls” really are.  I suppose the only good thing about your lack of taste is that you give insecure ugly women a boost of confidence when hooking up with you.  Don’t think your mother would be too happy or proud if you were to bring home some of trash we’ve seen you hooking up with in the hot tub.

You’re a DJ, that’s cool. Don’t know how necessary it is to introduce yourself as DJ Pauly D, because before Jersey Shore, I’m sure there were only a handful of people who knew you. Don’t get upset, a handful in your case could be more than 50 people. Still, I don’t think people give a shit, who you are. I’ve thought about listening to your tracks, although it seems rather off putting, especially if you’re a techno DJ, then you’ve lost a potential fan. If not, then I apologize for my ignorance – which if I said that to your face it`d be too late, you’d be down my throat faster than water.

I do have to ask what possessed you to even think about hooking up with the crazy ass Angelina girl, who’s appearance in the first season was so short lived, yet painted a picture of the potential nut job you may have to face yourself with (worse than the Jewish girl, I might add) but, I understand… men seem to go with women with baggage (plastic bags??).

I hope in Season two you stand out a little more, no more backing up “The Situation” and take flight on your own. Good luck, I look forward to watching it all repeat itself in this next season.


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