Dear Angelina

Dear Angelina

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I actually don’t know why I’m even writing you a letter. I suppose its so you don’t feel left out, much like you are in not only the Shore house, but in the Miami house too. Low blow on my part, my bad. At my request I hope you don’t lose your cool. Just Sit back, listen (for once) and breathe.

You walked into the Shore House, back in Jersey (in case you forgot), carrying your clothes and accessories in garbage bags, that’s possibly the most ghetto thing I think I’ve ever seen a white girl do. I guess this was a foreshadowing for what “trash” was just dragged in. Ok,ok, you walked, no one dragged you – breathe, remember? I hope to god some luggage company sponsored you and provided you some (extra) baggage.

Garbage bags aside I really didn’t have an opinion about you, until you were acting like Ms. “Queen Bee” I get it, competing for attention from anyone who’d throw you a bone must’ve been difficult, since you were literally “unseen” and “overlooked” there was only few ways to stand out…

1. Talking on the phone so often you annoy all your roommates.
Hint:common courtesy – you live with other people, socialize with them and Make friends (too late for that). House mates were growing slowly agitated with you. I’d be lying if I said as a viewer, I wasn’t getting tired of “Angelina” being repeated 100 times in a 60 minute segment.

2. Raising your voice and creating unnecessary drama with everyone. Not that it is Rocket science (or grade 5 science for that matter) but being a crazy bitch is no way to get on your house mates good side.

We’ll combine season 1 and 2 since we’re at an early start into 2, its hard to say if you’ll stick around. I laughed my ass off when you told Pauly who he could talk to (pot calling the kettle black? Absolutely) I laughed even harder when you told him you loved him, twice I believe and you got the look of “Bish, you crazy!” And the cold shoulder. Sleep with a man once, and you love him? I’m not so sure you know what love is, but its cool. Between your married boyfriend or ex boyfriend (I really don’t know anymore) and Pauly I’m sure you’ll know what love is.

I’ll ask one last question, What’d they pay you to agree to coming back to the show and facing the bitches you’d previously left? Nothing like doing a walk of shame, being called back to do it all over again. Stick around longer than 5 episodes please, it’d be appreciated.


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