This Summers Obsession


Can you name all of the cast?

Jersey Shore. You’ve all heard the name and know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, I’m not talking about the Seaside destination, but the MTV TV show that has a bunch of 20+ yr olds and self labelled “Guido`s and Guidettes

If you’re still unfamiliar with what I’m talking about this entry isn’t for you. If you’re taking the bait, please continue.

Last years season of Jersey Shore was an unknown to us all, but curiosity got the best of me and I found myself tuning into the show, and growing increasingly fond of the train wreck that I was watching (sadly, willingly). The drunken debauchery and inappropriate behaviour was hard to peel myself away from. “fist pumping, scoping out, or watching for “landmines or grenades” trying to guess what cast member would hook up with who, and treating the show as if I were living in their world with them, became an addiction.

I did just say addiction. If you think I’m crazy you’re wrong. Much like an addict finds themselves going to their Vices, I found myself going to my Television set every Thursday night at 8 pm to sit and watch the MTV network. Much like an addict feeling the need to take their next “hit” or next sip or bite of whatever they’re drawn to, I found myself becoming disappointed (or withdrawn) after 60 minutes were up, and in a way began “craving” more of the show. Now to be honest, to say I didn’t grow increasingly excited on days where Jersey shore Marathons were running would be a lie.  You could imagine how I felt as soon as the first season came to and end.

That being said when Season 2 started up I again made sure I was home on a Thursday night assuming the usual position, to partake in the season opener.  This season, will be much messier than the last. I do pose the question: If you are, or aren’t a fan of Jersey shore, can you list all, or a few of the cast members’ names?


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